9 April 2008

Frank Lowe- the other side 1976 (palm lp 25 f) FLAC

Pierre who is too busy at the moment to post has just sent
FRANK LOWE / The Other Side

Frank Lowe, tenor saxophone; Lawrence Butch Morris, cornet; Didier Levallet, double bass;
George Brown, drums.

01 The Other Side (07:19); 02 Zap (06:18); 03 Up (05:13); 04 Pretty (05:38); 05 Carmen (07:32); 06 Fresh (06:00);
Recorded 19 December 1976 at Palm Studio, Paris.
this is in a similar vein to lowe's other
70's albums "fresh" and "the flam"
its been out of print far to long.
as i recall this was posted sometime last year by antanase at church#9 , at 192kbs


sotise said...
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sotise said...
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sotise said...




alternate mirror for part 3

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this

ghostrancedance said...

Wow! Thanks! I've been looking for this album for years.

centrifuge said...

this is getting silly, i was just listening to this a couple of days ago :)

very interesting album, some of which seems to be firmly in free improv (as opposed to free jazz) territory... lowe and morris made quite a team.

donc said...

Thank You for some fresh Frank Lowe.

peace. don

serviceton said...

just listening to this now - and enjoying it immensely
All players are strong - suprise to me is Didier Levallet on bass who is playing the hell out of the thing...
thanks pierre for providing (+ sotise for uppling)

unitstructure said...

Thanks for sharing this.Great stuff.I especially like the tone Lowe uses for "Carmen".

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

miloo2 said...

Alternative working upload in 2 parts:



Solomon said...

Thank you.

Javier Roz said...

Thanks miloo2! Links still works. Great stuff.