9 April 2008

Cecil Taylor, Jimmy Lyons, Andrew Cyrille- live at berlin jazz days 6th nov 1975 , FLAC, and LAME (NEW LINKS)

This is a very special concert, the finest cecil taylor roio ive ever heard .

Its simply incredible both as a performance ,and in terms of the recording quality.

From the most under documented period in cecils career.

Even a cursory comparison with “akisakila”(the only official release by this magnificent edition of taylor's unit) will reveal I think that this is of equal ,if not superior sound quality!

many thanks to the original taper/archiver of this stunning set, and virtual sonic hugs to black forrest the dime seeder.

Exhilarating stuff.. I can’t recommend it stongly enough.

Thanks also to glmlr who passed it on to me some months ago, and has rightly insisted on it being shared here.

cecil taylor trio
live at berliner jazztage , philharmonie berlin (d)

1) untitled improvisation 83.00

cecil taylor- pno
jimmy lyons -alto sax
andrew cyrille- drums .


Ps, can anyone provide an upload of a recent dime seed of roscoe mitchell’s creative orchestra featuring Anthony Braxton.
If anyone can help out, we here on this board would be most appreciative.


sotise said...
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Tantris said...

Well done, sotise. I'm going to add here the links to the Cologne 1988 solo concert, so that it doesn't get lost in the comments to the Yoshi post;


kinabalu said...

Would that be this one?

Anthony Braxton - Roscoe Mitchell Creative Orchestra, 1984.06.30, Nickelsdorf (Austria)

Konfrontationen '84

Jazzgalerie, Restaurant Falb
(outside in the court yard)

Nickelsdorf, Austria

30. June 1984

(in which case, I've got it)

Tantris said...

Hi kinabulu - yes, that's the one! What do you think of it?

kinabalu said...

Haven't played it yet, to be honest. The backlog is staggering and I can barely manage to keep up with what my fellow bloggers are up to here ... but there's always a tomorrow ...

1009 said...

thanks! i love akisakila & i'm looking forward to hearing this.

jeff said...

sotise - thank you for this. looks like a great one (haven't listened yet, of course - just so much to work through its getting ridiculous). and thank you for posting it in mp3 as well. I was just reading some about Taylor last night and it was getting me fired up to hear some new things by him - perfect timing.

giu said...

Again thanks a lot for this music. JOY!

treibstoff said...

hi dip...
this is a great one indeed...
but say:
all these crackles inside seems like a result from a "over"normalized mastering from the master....
Does your Original also have all these crackles????

see ya later..

1009 said...

killer set.

as for what treib's talking about, it sounds like a vinyl snap crackle & pop -- a bit. is this on the flac version as well?

sotise said...

@kinabalu, yes thats the concert
would you mind posting it some time?
even 320 would be fine i think.

as for the rip
yeah there appears to be a problem.
ive just played the mp3, and the flac's and the crackle comes through quite clearly, i have no idea why.

so i went back to the source cdr, and played it on this computer it too when played on the computer has a crackle throughout.

when i play the source disc on my home stereo nakumichi cd player , through a nad amplifier, i dont hear any crackle at all... thats the source disc im talking about.

when i play a disc burnt from the flacs on my home system i do hear the crackle...

so im not sure whats happening here
but i do know its not the extraction process, because the source disc played on the computer(win media player) reveals crackle.

ill try and get up a new set of files in lame 320 or ogg , and see what happens, making certain by listening before uploading.

the fact that the original disc crackles when played on the computer , may somehow make this unripable.
ive removed the original flac , and vbr files .

sorry gents!

1009 said...

the crackle is a bit annoying, but the music (what i've heard so far, the first 45 min or so) is just stunning. maybe it's worth leaving it up w/ a disclaimer of sorts?

sotise said...
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sotise said...

Ct berlin links
crackle free
Cbr 320


treibstoff said...

hi dip....

yes...just got the first part to listen....and this version is a joy without crackles!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanx a lot - and sorry for all the troubles you got with this - and thanx a lot for the this time 320kbs mp3 files too!!!!
What was the problem??? And how you resolved it???

maybe "pathway to unkown" did a good share for you:
Sun Ra Solo Vol 1 (1977)


centrifuge said...

i downloaded the first version of this, haven't had time to hear it yet but from what everyone is saying i'll want to grab the redone version instead... now, can i ask what software people are using which allows them to burn an 83-minute audio cd?? this is a total impossibility for me using itunes (i think..!)

thanks to sotise and glmlr (in advance) for this recording... if it is indeed supposed to be on a par with akisakila, it's got to be phenomenal - the sheer power and drive of that concert blew me away, albeit at the time i felt that i couldn't understand what he was doing at all - !

sotise said...

cent, the performance was continuous but ,the seeder archivist has seperated the piece into 2 tracks ,one is roughly 60 minutes the other 20.
its magnificent you are in for a real treat, i think the balance achieved is better than on akisakila, and the performance peak truly superb.
H, WE NEED TO GET BACK IN TOUCH ,id be happy to slip this and a few other performances on a dvd in their lossless glory, and send it to you.

this is certainly one of the best concerts ive heard from dime , but then im not a member.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this great cologne concert. is there anything wrong with track 2, burrrn isn't accepting this track, someone got the same probleme.

sotise said...

anon,... burn is a pretty lousy program i find ,it often will note burn certain files depending on how they are tagged.

nero seems to burn all oddly tagged files.

i think burrn was created for and works best with the ripping softwares ascociated with eac, and db power amp.
i use inch software.. and burrrn seems incompatible

farosanderson said...

I just want to say a very big thank you to those posting the ever growing list of great music to be found here. I personally can't keep up with everything I like to hear but what little I download is greatly appreciated. Thank you

Herb Levy said...

Thanks as always for posting another great recording.

I've had an odd problem with this one, that may not matter to a lot of other folks, but if anyone can provide any guidance on the issue, I'd really appreciate it.

After downloading the two MP3 files of this recording, I added the two tracks to iTunes and changed the track information so it was consistent for both tracks. When I played the tracks the data reverted to what had been imported originally and despite trying several different approaches, I have been unable to successfully alter the information so it remains stable.

I've been using iTunes since it came out to organize music on my hard drive and I can't think of another instance where I was unable to make changes to the track information of a recording.

Does anyone have any ideas about what's going on in this instance?

centrifuge said...

herb, i use itunes and that has happened to me before... and indeed happened again with these files. i decided not to drive myself mad trying to figure out why so i can't tell you, but if you find out, i'd be interested to know :)

sotise, i mailed you last week but i don't know if you got it..? i used an old address.

roberto t. said...

Just a big thank you for something that should be celebrated like a real discovery. I attended a concert of this trio in Florence, two months before, the same 1975European tour I suppose, into a big Arena in the open air at night (Anfiteatro delle Cascine) and it remains in my memories as one of the most intense concerts I have witnessed. The Akisakila double LP was close, but did not capture the sound like this one did. It is a real gift, thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Roberto T. Those are my feelings too - this concert is a VERY major event.

Frédito said...

This is fierce ! Jimmy Lyons, wow... Merci messieurs glmlr et Sotise

1009 said...

herb -- i thought i posted some instructions re: yr problem at some point here. in case not, you can do this:

highlight the relevant tracks in itunes. right-click & select convert to mp3 (make sure you are importing @ the same bitrate as the relevant tracks.) you should be able to re-tag the new mp3 files without any problem. then delete the old ones. let me know if that doesn't help. you too, cent.

Kevin said...

Thanks for posting this extremely rare gem! I'm listening to this mindmelting show right now. I had the opportunity and prvilege to see Cecil and Ornette earlier this year at the PDX Jazz Festival, and both experiences were nothing short of revelatory. Ornette performed on FEb 15th at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall and Cecil played on Feb 17th at the Marriott Ballroom. I have recordings of both concerts avaialable on Eclectic Grooves. Please check them out and let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the Cologne concert, I have the same problem as the Anonymous friend from April 12: Track 2 cannot be converted using the FLAC program; I get this mesage: "ERROR while decoding data." I tried re-downloading the entire 6 files, but the same error message appears when I try to decode the FLAC (only Track 2).
Tantris, might you be able to re-post track 2, I wonder?
Thanks a million!

William said...

impossibly cool.

many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the remarkable music in your posts!!!
Regarding the Cologne concert, I have the same problem with a track #2 as described in the comments on April 12 and June 9.
Could you be so kind to repost only this track, please?
Thank you so much!

hulaboy said...

Thank you. Much as I love Cecil Taylor's music, I've always had trouble getting into Jimmy Lyons. I hope this one will do the trick. Your site is the best!

Anonymous said...

Yhank you so much, jjp

archer said...

just saw this referenced today. missed it when posted. will there be a re-up, or does anyone have links?

Herb Levy said...

Just downloaded the FLAC files after having the MP3s for a while. Thanks so much for keeping these online. I look forward to hearing these great performances in even better quality.

Is there any chance that you could repost the Nickelsdorf recording of Anthony Braxton with the Roscoe Mitchell Creative Orchestra? I'm sure I'm not the only one who would appreciate hearing this. Thanks for all you're doing for getting the music out there.


archer said...

just noticed the repost in the middle of the comments. thanks.

Anonymous said...

hello and thanks for all of the incredible posts!

for some reason the addresses for part 2 and 4 seem no longer to be valid...has anyone else had this problem?

can go for the 320kps if need be, but would love the flacs...

Anonymous said...

got the links for parts 2 and 4 to work after removing excess characters from the beginning of the address.

these shortened addresses work



Anonymous said...

so many new - and fine sounding - shows to listen to.
thanks for all of your effort.
this show - and the others i have only sampled so far - is outstanding!
how does one go about offering recordings for this blog? ...i'd like to give back!

Art of Peace Collective said...

Hey sotsie, thanks for the great post and for keepin them coming! It seems to me that this what we have here is a trio performance of CT's Silent Tongues suite which he performed solo in an album of that same name.

The strains of the first movement 'abyss/petals' is stated from the first after which it is developed, the next movement played, and so on.

Have been listening to the solo recital alot tho so may be hearing it everywhere! Tell me what you think

yakka said...

Just discoverd this great blog.
Thanks to all the contributors and especialy for the Berlin Concert of Cecil Taylor.

Andy said...

Phenominal!! Thank you. Phew!

Anonymous said...

It is sad that this is no longer available....

Such an AMAZING blog, so many outdated links.

Damn the RIAA!

mew23 said...

Re-up of the flac, the original files in a single archive with the 83-minute piece split to two tracks by the original seeder (571MB)

chrisc said...

Million thanks to Sotise for the original post and to mew23 for bringing this beautiful music back to life.

Alexander Mouton said...

Thank you so much for the re-up, I've been dying to hear this --Brilliant!

bho wani said...

Yes, Mew23, Thank you so much for this re-up, great initiative !

Javier Roz said...

Thanks mew23! Links still works. Great music!

francisco santos said...

still ON!...

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Above I've added - again - mew's link in edited form.