23 February 2008


This is where Braxton starts to get really interesting for me - where a distinct voice emerges as something quite extraordinary. More to come, to be sure, but this a watershed to slake most thirsts.

Sextet at the Akbank Jazz Festival, Istanbul; 14th October, 1995

Anthony Braxton - flute, clarinet, contrabass clarinet, e-flat sopranino and alto saxophones
Roland Dahinden - tenor and alto trombones
Jason Hwang - violin
Ted Reichman - accordion
Joe Fonda - bass
Kevin Norton - drums, vibraphone, glockenspiel, marimba, percussion


Tantris said...

I'm assuming this is out of print - if it is still available from Braxton House, I will remove the upload link;


The files are MP3 at 256kbps - if there is interest I can upload a lossless version.

King Kennytone said...

Still available far as I know..

I know someone who bought it new from DTMG or somewhere last month -
:||¬¬¬`\- _-

Anonymous said...

yes, Downtown Music Gallery is still selling them.

centrifuge said...

i'm sure volkan could wax lyrical about this... don't think he's around though... tantris, great idea, even if you do end up taking those links down!

jazzme said...

DTMG is well known for having out of print cds don't know where they find them , so this could very well be oop with DTMG one of the few that have copies . The last email I got from them had quite few cds that were oop I bought one I thought I would never get .

justin said...

Downtown Music Gallery met with Braxton last year at some point and acquired the last of the Braxton House discs. I always thought that this was a label that could really use an online presence, since they would almost certainly be able to sell downloads of the recordings (similar to the way that Leo Records sells their immense back catalogue of OOP Braxton sessions). Between the demise of Braxton House and Brandon Evans' awesome Parallactic label (which would be very appropriate recordings to post on an excellent blog like this one!!!), we have seen way too many good records grind into the dust.

centrifuge said...

this is lovely music... i haven't heard all the iridium box, still waiting to buy that, but this foreshadows what i've heard of it - a very intriguing and pleasing mix of textures! for a non-convert i'd say it's pretty challenging even by gtm standards: the opening of the concert is over ten mins of variations with no breakout; it's basically the logical conclusion of the early "repetition sequences" - 6f, 40(0) etc - BUT serving as a launchpad of sorts, also... as always, some of the places visited are astonishing to me {{{***}}} sonic alchemy or what.

centrifuge said...

never heard the brass player before i don't think - he's terrific.