8 February 2008


Heres one of many ,great german radio broadcasts documenting the European free jazz scene between 1966-74.
Which have appeared on dime lately.
This ones particularly enjoyable, an invaluable document of a stunning group at the peak of a creative era.
I love everything ive ever heard of schlippenbach.
The sound is very good for an fm broadcast of this vintage.
Many thanks to the person/persons seeding these and the original taper.Thanks also to boromir,and glmlr for finding this.

Alexander von Schlippenbach, piano
Evan Parker, tenor & soprano saxophone
Günter Christmann, trombone
Buschi Niebergall, bass
Paul Lovens, percussion

1. Announcement
2. Village
3. Deals
4. Tales Of Waste

Toral Time 36:20 (one track!)

Recorded during the 13th German Jazz Festival, Frankfurt on March 26, 1972.


sotise said...
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1009 said...

thanks, sotise. this looks very exciting.

i was just talking to a friend earlier today. he mentioned seeing brotzmann, van hove, & bennink at ucla at some point in the early 70s. that must have been broadcast, or at least recorded. makes you wonder how many of these things are out there collecting dust in the various archives of the world.

sunship said...

Thank you Sotise. It is always a pleasure to discover new/old things from these guys.

Anonymous said...

Technical question:
If the FLAC files are in multiple zip files, how do I combine them?

Anonymous said...

Ya, i'm having the same issue a lot too.

1009 said...

just click on the first file (the one marked "part1" or whatever). the others should open automatically if you're using winrar. & if you're not you should.

this schlip is pretty hot. there seem to be some composed moments here -- on the whole a more crowd-friendly set than, say, the contemporaneous *pakistani pomade*. very interesting, though, esp. parker's contributions. you can tell that he was a huge coltrane disciple only a few years earlier (not a dig at all). still a varied set throughout.

folly for to see what said...

Thank you Boromir, Glmlr and Sotise.
Schlippenbach is one of my favourites. And with Parker, Lovens… And live. Wonderful.

Now that you're a lot of contributors is difficult to follow you. What a lot of records. I'm a freelance graphic designer, that means that I've got all the day to listen music. But even for me you post so fast, and I don't want to lose any of these gems!

Tantris said...

Here is a Pakistani Pomade (now OOP, I think), if you want to make the comparison;


Slothrop said...

Many thanks, Sotise (my fellow Joe McPhee devotee). This is a wonderful band and we can never hear enough of them.

matt w said...

Thanks for posting this -- I especially love Christmann and there's very little of his stuff in print.

(I think you can still get the Pakistani Pomade album with extra tracks on CD from Atavistic.)

Anonymous said...

woah it's 2011 and the links are still active, thanks man!

AllanCake said...

Could you please repost the links? I'm very keen to hear this!

onxidlib said...

New link soon...

onxidlib said...


reservatory said...

Hot stuff! Don't know how I missed this on Dime. THANKS.

SamRivers D said...

ooh lovely with buschi and christmann! grateful to be able to hear this kind of treasure!

softnucleus said...

Thank you Onx!