6 January 2008

mal waldron with the steve lacy quartet- journey without end ,1971 - Victor (Japan), SMJX-10134 reupload ,flac

heres a reupload of something posted
febuary last year.. an upgrade for friends..

its a pretty rare album.. lord knows why ..a wonderfully bleak but funky waldron..always was the perfect foil to lacy's dry ice precision.

JOURNEY WITHOUT END: Mal Waldron, Steve Lacy
1/ The Fire Now (Waldron) 9:05 2/ Journey Without End (Waldron) 12:30 3/ I Feel A Draft (Lacy) 7:54 4/ Bone (Lacy) 6:50 5/ Mar (Lacy) 9:15
Recorded at Studios Europa Sonor, Paris on November 30, 1971
Mal Waldron: piano; Steve Lacy: soprano; Kent Carter: bass; Noel McGhee: drums.
1971 - Victor (Japan), SMJX-10134 (LP), SMJ-6239 (LP), BER-6001 (LP) ???? - JVC (Japan), 101 J4 (LP)

the mp3 link is still active as far as i know here (192 kbs)

for the flacs ..see comments


ABE said...

Thank you - Lacy's the man, and i appreciate the FLAC upgrade!

Musaklee said...

Wow Sotise thanks for that One. It's really good.I'm rediscovering (once every year or so...!) Mal Wadron and his whole output is just getting better with time. Frankly - I have to find this one and the sleeve is nice also... (maybe in my city with some chance!)

Recently saw a short clip on Youtube about a tour he did with singer Jeanne Lee in Japan and found afterwards the CD of that tour just before Christmas Eve. It played all night...! In this clip, there's excerpts of 3 songs (The Seagulls of Kristiansud; White Road; Everytime We Say Goodbye) and they both talk also. Waldron talks a little bit about the film "Black Rain" he saw (by Shohei Imamura) and he seemed such a profound & gentle man. I really love him.

Recently bought also on vinyl "Mal Waldron plays the blues" on Enja (1971) for 2$. It's still possible!

Thanks for sharring and 2008 starts good. Cheers to all from Montreal.

zero said...

Sotise, this is wonderful! I missed it the first time around and am very grateful for the lossless treatment.

I've always admired both Lacy and Waldron and loved them together. Lacy is more of a cerebral pleasure for me, while Waldron gets me in the gut and when that happens there's no separating heart from mind. A few times a year there'll be a week or two when I listen to almost nothing but Waldron. He's like the best dark chocolate ... intense and perfectly bittersweet.

Thanks for this excellent post.

Musaklee, do you have a link for that youtube clip?

Musaklee said...

For ZERO and others, here it is:

It looks like a short report from a television somewhere. Don't know much about it. It would be surprising - and amazing - to see that it documents the whole tour/concert (Maybe I should ask Pedro Mendes who posted the video !!?)

I should add that the CD I have from that tour is titled "Travellin' in Soul-Time: Live From Tokyo, Nagasaki and Kobuchizawa" (BVHaast 9701). It features, aside from Waldron and Lee, the flute player Toru Tenda. Recorded in 1995 and released in 1997. It's really a nice addition to there "After Hours" CD from 1994 (Owl O77).


zero said...

Thanks, Musaklee. I tuned in at a bad time and was getting long hiccups every 3 seconds. Maybe all the visitors to this blog were trying to watch at once. I'll go back to it later and also check out the other Waldron clips.

Musaklee said...

In fact it's my fault - I'm listening to it over and over again! And speaking of the other Waldron clips, everyone should take a look and a good listen to this:

part 1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrlKhTSXd5c
part 2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPJd-xRhitw

It's in Germany, in 1996 his Quartet. Nicolas Simion is on sax - he's astonishing! "You Don't Know What Love Is" is the piece. Unfortunately, because of Youtube limitations, the piece is cut in 2 parts of 10 minutes or so. Can you imagine this song for 20 minutes?! It even goes fast with such a rendition.

A friend of mine said during the Holidays that he thinks the interpretation is on the verge of being a little "corny". I've stoled, during dinner, his piece of turkey from his plate because of this comment.

Again - Cheers and an happy new years.

cianix said...

I made the cue file to burn the cd using 2 wav files: Side_A.wav and Side_B.wav.

PERFORMER "Mal Waldron / Steve Lacy"
TITLE "Journey Without End"

FILE "Side_A.wav" WAVE
PERFORMER "Mal Waldron / Steve Lacy"
TITLE "The Fire Now"
INDEX 01 00:00:00
PERFORMER "Mal Waldron / Steve Lacy"
TITLE "Journey Without End"
INDEX 01 09:08:00
FILE "Side_B.wav" WAVE
PERFORMER "Mal Waldron / Steve Lacy"
TITLE "I Feel a Draft"
INDEX 01 00:00:00
PERFORMER "Mal Waldron / Steve Lacy"
TITLE "Bone"
INDEX 01 07:58:00
PERFORMER "Mal Waldron / Steve Lacy"
INDEX 01 14:50:00

zero said...

cianix, thanks for the cues. Very helpful.

zero said...

This post got me thinking about my Waldron bootlegs. I unearthed one I hadn't listened to yet -- a fine duo performance with Steve Lacy at Yoshi's in Oakland in 1987 that I got from Dime the year before last (all thanks to the original uploader). It sounds to me like something that Musaklee and few others might enjoy, so here it is. I must have downloaded it while I was on the road because my recordkeeping for it was kind of sloppy -- no tracklist and no trail to follow to find it. Doesn't matter. It's Monk tunes and I'm sure someone can fill in the titles.

Steve Lacy and Mal Waldron
Yoshi's, Oakland CA
September 16, 1987

1. 14:27
2. 18:31
3. 9:17
4. 11:55



kinabalu said...

Yes, this is really good (which reminds me, I have to do some listening to Lacy with Bobby Few (my latest "discovery").

By the way, Waldron did one with Johnny Dyani which I'm looking for. I'll nail it eventually ...

Musaklee said...

There's definitively something in the air. During lunchtime today, with my sandwich in one hand and the other one browsing through stacks of used CDs in a second hand shop, I did acquire some Lacy's & Waldron's again! Following the kind sharing of the September 16th, 1987 concert by ZERO, I found this one from Lacy, Eric Watson (piano) & John Lindberg (bass): it's "The Amiens Concert" (Label Bleu 6512) from November 26, 27 & 28, 1987. It's very good and the recording is astonishing (DDD). It features 1 composition by Lacy and 1 by Linberg & 4 by Watson... who is a fine pianist that needs to be discover more (he was artistic director of the Jazz festival of La Villette in Paris for a few years).

After that, surprise again - I did get my hands on "I Remember Thelonious" from Lacy & Waldron (Nel Jazz 0959-2). Live recording from June 28, 1992. The William Kenz Discography of Steve Lacy http://www.wnur.org/jazz/artists/lacy.steve/discog.html#lacy_discography says it was release as an audio companion to the Italian jazz magazine JAZZ CONCERTO (1996) but my copy was obviously re-release in 1999. With 8 Monk compositions (an awkward 'Round Midnight' but still very touching even with Waldron's saloon piano sound) and a final 'I'll Keep Loving You' by Powell. Very good again.

Cannot really tel tonight about the 'real' availability of those two CD but there's obviously some available on the used market!

Finally thanks again to ZERO for giving me the boost to finally get something working for those FLAC files. I did found a really nice app (XLD) this morning that converts those files to whatever you want (almost!). For Mac OS X 10.3 and later - It's here : http://tmkk.hp.infoseek.co.jp/xld/index_e.html

Salute to all!

twing:kling said...

Thanks for posting the FLAC's!

So far I've enjoyed every Waldron/Lacy date I've encountered, a unique and complimentary pairing of talents if there ever was one. The Herbe de L'oubli/Snake-Out duets are a fantastic listen too. I have the 2LP edition, but HatArt have recently re-issued an expanded set on CD. Highly recommended!

BTW, is anyone having trouble downloading part 1 of 'Journey w/o End'? Part 2&3 work fine, but part 1 fails to open the RS page. Odd.


sotise said...

twing:kling, no problems with the first link from my vantage point.
but rapidshare do sometimes appear to have technicall problems, there are days where uploads invariably fail to get up.. to many users probably barely enough bandwidth.

guitars said...

hi there
is there any chance you could fix second part link of this one ?

costanza said...

this hits the spot, thank you very much

kinabalu said...

The mp3 link in the earlier post is still active.

Megapouetman said...

Hi any chance to have the flac reposted ??

SOTISE said...

Flac ,PICS
From a cleaned up Copy (washed)
no digital syrup

corvimax said...

I missed it the first time, thanks to bring it up again

Megapouetman said...

Sotise, Much much thanks, wonderful record.

matt w said...

Thanks so much for the repost! I missed it the first time around, too.

Lexman said...

thanks a lot!!

taro nombei said...

Just found this and enjoying so much.
What great music.
Big thanks to Sotise — and all the other commenters too!
greatly appreciated

Javier Roz said...

GREAT MUSIC. Thanks again Sotise!