7 March 2007

Mal Waldron and Steve Lacy 'journey without end' 1971

Mal Waldron & Steve Lacy - Journey Without EndThis is rare Mal Waldron & Steve Lacy japan only LP, recorded in Studios Europa Sonor, Paris , November 30, 1971.With Steve Lacy (ss) Mal Waldron (p) Kent Carter (b) Noel McGhie (d).Victor SMJX 10134 , original 1st press in 1972.

hi all
here is another in our continuing series of severely neglected steve lacy lp's and free jazz generally.

this record's the perfect companion to
mal waldron with the steve lacy quintet on america which has been reissued unfortunately in a limited edition digipak on verves cynicalLy titled 'free america' series.
this is perhaps even better ,certainly better recorded when one compares the original lps.
TRACK LIST=1)the fire now 2)journey without end 3)i feel a draft 4)bone 5)mar
ripped to 190kbsmp3


zebtron said...

Had never heard of this one. It's a great rip as well-sound is wonderful. Thanks for all of the rare Lacy.

joe said...

Thanks for this.

zhao said...


zhao said...
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Anonymous said...

No flac? I can't open these files...

I'm still looking for:
- Follies
- Stabs
- Twilight
- Catch

can anyone help me?

I've lots of OOP Lacy (Outings, Japan Dream, Solo at Egg Farm, Distant Voices, MEV Unified Patchwork, ...).

contact me: baetentom@hotmail.com

Yusef33 said...

Wow!!!! This is powerful. I've been listening to Mal Waldron's recordings on Enja records, I must say that this Mal Waldron collaboration with Steve Lacy to me is by far the most stunning and ranks right up there with the BVHaast records Mal Waldron, Jeanne Lee and Toru Tenda
"Travelin' in Soul-Time"
Thank You for making this available.

SlimStew said...

I've been a fan of Waldron and Lacy for years, but separately, never together--I can't wait to check this out, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Mal Waldron's releases during the early '70's are, without doubt, his greatest. Those with Steve Lacy's groups are the best of them. I've never come across "Journey Without End" before. Many thanks for this posting. And even more thanks for your terrific site!


Bozo the Clown said...

A perfect album. True 10-stars!A super-pac needs to be established to push for this to be made "Real".Kent Carter and the way-underated Noel McGhie deserve special mention. Bozo is speechless, just a wonderful album to be savoured for a lifetime!

SOTISE said...

New Rip, +Pics

Megapouetman said...

100 MILLIONS thanks, love this.