7 March 2007

art ensemble of chicao-live in holland 7 august 1974

hi all
heres a fantastic dutch radio broadcast of the aec with muhal richard abrahms ,recorded on the 7th august 1974,this purports to have been recorded in utrecht.

there are many broadcasts as well as bootleg lp's from this period which was a great one though not too heavily documented officially until now .in fact this is from the same tour as the official release 'kabalaba' on aec records,which can be bought here http://www.artensembleofchicago.com/recordings.html
PLEASE BUY AEC CD'S the above photo is from the aec homepage.

in the meantime stamp out bootlegging by sharing live material that is not officially available ,FOR FREE.
enjoy this very decent sounding concert ,ripped to 190kbsmp3
link- http://rapidshare.com/files/19797092/art_ens74.rar


Anonymous said...

hey, great post! where did you find this. many many thanks for this. i like you blog a lot. take care.


dipmong said...

thanks antanase
originaly it was church#9 and james
blog nothing is that inspired me to share, what precious few rarities i have, and to overcome my luddite techno phobia to start this. as for the broadcast ive done a lot of trading.
as well as checking out torrent bays cheers.