31 January 2008


Pierre has very kindly donated this great post. I'm sure there will be much interest in this around here. Many thanks to him.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Pierre. I only had this in mp3, and the upgrade is well worth it!

jazzme said...

Is it possible to have a mp3 or zip file of this put up please

sotise said...

pierre thanks alot for posting this,a great one!!!

BondiUrbano said...

Incredible post but its's impossible to download from Megaupload! I think is my IP address.. what a pitty...

Yours is the best site in the web !!

treibstoff said...

mp3 over here:


pass: pluisjemp3s@hotmail.com

thanx goes to: http://pluisjedownloads.spaces.live.com


jazzme said...

I cannot figure out the end of this mp3 link it is cut off anyone know the end of the link

1009 said...

jazzme: click to the left of the file name, then drag straight down to the next line. this should highlight the entire file name (even though you still won't be able to see it). then copy/paste into yr browser. it might take a couple of click&drags, but this process always works for me.

Anonymous said...

Bondiurbano: Have you downloaded the Megaupload toolbar, installed it in your browser and kept it active?

I find that this works for me, perhaps for you too. Note: if I disable it, but leave it installed, downloads from Megaupload are not possible. It must be enabled.

Pierre said...

Sorry for the troubles with megaupload, I don't know how to cut archives in parts so I had to use it.

Glad you enjoy the post, it has been a while since I shared something on the internet and I was begining to feel guilty ;). Also, this record is in my opinion really great and needs to see more circulation.

If needed, I have on my hard drive two rips I made of the François Tusques & Sunny Murray titles on Shandar. Let me know.


jazzme said...

1009 thx for the tip this will come in handy for the future

BondiUrbano said...

glmlr: IT WORKS!!!! Alot of months looking for a workaround... thank ypu very much!!!

Anonymous said...

My pleasure, Bondiurbano. Hope you enjoy!

jazzme said...

There are not many posts you guys put up I don't thoroughly enjoy , if one of you who runs this blog sotise or boromir would like me to send you cdrs of my derek bailey's let me know I don't mind ripping them and mailing them to you for you to post . I am not at all good at posting no luck figuring it out as I only have a few to contibute I don't mind sending them to you let me know

sotise said...

many thanks for the above.
your shandar rips would be very very welcome!!, both but particularly the murray, the invitation is still open for you to join the board here if you wish.
rest assured if you upload the shandar discs they will be posted on the front page.

merci pour ce tresor, tu est le bienvenu ici, ons te souhaite de nous rejoindre!!

Pierre said...

Thanks for the invitation but I think I would not have the time to do things properly, sending you links from times to times should work better.
So here is the Sunny Murray LP :
Let me know if the split archive works, and if so I will upload the François Tusques (the better of the two IMO).
You will find scans of the cover, inside and labels in the zip files. Having no camera I had to reconstruct the pictures with Photoshop but it works quite well.

Please give me your email back Sotise, I looked but can't find it.


Anonymous said...

Pierre: Thanks for posting the Sunny Murray. I've downloaded all three parts but cannot unzip them. Winzip gives me a message saying, "The general purpose flags stored in the local header for this file are not the same as the general purpose flags stored in the central header".

Help, please!

Pierre said...

Sorry glmlr, I can't really help you as it was my first time doing a multi parts archive. It works on my computer when I decompress the .zip file (didn't try with the .z01 or .z02 files)
If it doesn't work at all, please explain to me how to make a proper multi parts archive (on PC) and I will reup the files.
Sorry for the inconveniance.


Pierre said...

Forgot to add that I use Power Archiver, not Winzip. Maybe that's the problem ? If you can get a free version of the soft, it may be the solution.

kinabalu said...

Thanks for that goodie, Pierre. Yes, it works if you extract the zip file. Those two other files are in fact extracted with the proper zip file, or at least it does using WinRar. The whole thing comes to 244 mb.

Very much looking forward to the Francois Tusques one.

I did receive some olden goldies from France today. Keywords: Michel Portal, Bobby Few. May very well end up here in good time.

Anonymous said...

Pierre / Kinabalu:

Thanks to Kinabalu for the tip! It extracted perfectly correctly in WinRar. Since it was a .zip file, I had only tried Winzip. But then, as is well-known in blogland, I am an idiot with computers ... but hopefully not with music!.

Thanks, gentlemen.

Pierre said...

Glad it finally worked. So here's the next one :

François Tusques - Intercommunal Music (Shandar 1971)

Know that this record is a good one ! One of my favourite of this period where the French musicians played and recorded with the Americans in Paris.
And for those who understand French, don't forget to take a look at the song titles.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Pierre. I have this one. But I'm ignorant ... who is / was Erika Huggins?!

Lone Wolf said...

Hi all! Congratulations and thanx for this fantastic blog, full of great rare recordings!
I would notice that (I don't know if it could b my fault) that the Brotz's flac stops after the first 16MB, but the mpthree works well. I use to download from Megaupload very often and did never have problems, but this time I experienced this (2 times).
Thx a lot however!

P.S. anything of Bill Dixon? ("Odyssey" for instance... or other rare solo stuff?)

sotise said...

pierre thanks for the francois tusques.

my email is dipmong@hotmail.com

centrifuge said...

hey, some of us were happy with the mp3 version ;-)

good album!

unitstructure said...

Thanks for sharing this. Get happy.

serviceton said...

Quite quite beautiful.

Merci beaucoup.

Anonymous said...

I have quite a lot old Brötzmann on LP + CD, but I know this one only from discographical lists. Very much appreciated! Thanks!

Nick said...




onxidlib said...

Thank you Nick for the re-up - or is it a new rip?

Nick said...

It's a new rip !

Daniel Karrer said...

Hello dear friends! Would you consider a reup on this one?
Thanks in advance!

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