27 August 2007

Archie Shepp - Pitchin' Can (1969)

This recording was released on the America label (which I understand never paid it's artists). It consists of just 2 tracks, the first "Uhuru (Dawn of Freedom" is the longest of the two and continues across both sides of the LP. This track has never been released on any other recording. The second, "Pitchin' Can" which is also the title of this album, has also been released on a CD Black Gipsy, but which I don't think is available.

Uhuru, particularly, is high energy stuff of the type Shepp was playing at the end of the 60s: 3 drummers, including the wonderfully named Ostaine Blue Warner, providing a back drop for Shepp' s searing tenor. There's also some nice work from Clifford Thornton, Lester Bowie
and Alan Shorter.


Lester Bowie (tp)
Alan Shorter (flh)
Clifford Thornton (vtb)
Archie Shepp (ts)
Bobby Few (p)
Bob Reid (b)
Muhammad Ali (d)
Djibrill (cga)
Ostaine Blue Warner (per)
"Pitchin Can"
Clifford Thornton (tp)
Archie Shepp (ss)
Noah Howard (as)
Julio Finn (hca)
Leroy Jenkins (vla)
Dave Burrell (p)
Earl Freeman (b)
Sunny Murray (d)
Chicago Beau (vo)
Vinyl ripped at 192 kbps. Link in comments (click title).


Boromir said...
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Frédito said...

Never heard of this record ! Thanks gentlemen

kinabalu said...

Bloody hell, man! I was pondering over a ridiculously overpriced copy of this record and then it turns up here! Very much appreciated! Mind you, I will try to nail a copy of "Coral Rock" at a reasonable price, though.

glmlr said...

Well done gentlemen! Great post! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Boromir

thank you very much for sharing this one. the personal on this is amazing, you can't go wrong with it.

Thanks, amigo

best regards, Enrique.

Anonymous said...

thank you!

stephen said...

Awesome, thank you.

Any chance you could turn on your RSS feed? ;>

kinabalu said...

Update: A copy of "Coral Rock" has been nailed at a reasonable price!

david_grundy said...

Rare shepp! thanks very much!

webbcity said...

Beautiful, thank you!! Can't wait to hear this one. What a line-up.

By the way, I put up a link to you at my new blog...

marramua said...

Great blog..
I put a link to you in my little blog


Thank you for the music

Brent said...

rss feed would be awesome. i almost missed some gems here!

anyone else having problems w/ massmirror? i just get "uploading" for every mirror.

Anonymous said...

im having problems as well.

asaokaruriko said...

never heard of this shepp = thanks for the share.

Arcturus said...

yanno, I've got a modestly think shelf o' shepp & gotta chime w/ a ditto - never heard of this one before - snagged it the other night but haven't yet listened

Arcturus said...

err, think = "thick"

Anonymous said...

Muita obrigada, e bom

redrichie said...
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redrichie said...

Hi there,

I presume that the Black Gipsy referred to in the comments is the 1969 one released on Prestige. I rather like it...has Noah Howard and Dave Burrell (amongst others) on it. I do have the CD that I managed to get from caimen a while ago. Hadn't realised it was oop, although looking at the sleeve again, I note that it appears to have been a Ltd edition on universal.

It is still available at some reasonable (and some marginally less so!) prices on Amazon Marketplace. I'd recommend it.


blonchk said...

Link seams to be broken (sigh)

Nick said...


kinabalu said...

Just a quick update on my old comment up above. In the mean time, I've managed to grab copies of both Coral Rock and this one, reasonably priced, but still appreciate having an easily retrievable digital copy right here. Thanks, Nick!

daniel said...

hi Nick, guys
could someone re-up this one please.. it seems i got here too late, rapidshare files are all dead..

let me know if you do.

thanks a lot

DW said...

A re-up would be most welcomed...

Anonymous said...

adding to the voices requesting a re-up of this and any other rare Shepp from this period

kinabalu said...

New link:


nodyrrech said...

Hi Kinabalu
A nice post and a lesser known album of Shepp from the glory period of the Paris Days. The spirit in my country have totally changed now. Difficult to imagine that the city where I live was the place for free jazz when I see that actually the collective conscience is sleeping and listening quietly to the president and first minister who are from the left? Are they really? They say they are so it might be true no?

DW said...

kinabalu, thanks!!!

kinabalu said...

It must have been thrilling to be in Paris during those heady days, though I don't know how much of this music was performed live in or outside the city.

nod Y. said...

Hi Kinabalu.
In fact there were two sides for this music to be performed. First the studio recordings mostly for byg and america that were recorded in different studios including the studio sarava. And there were regular gigs at the american cultural center with members of the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Braxton, Noah Howard, Shepp etc. The spirit of paris at this time was just incredible.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Hi Kinabalu - if possible a re-up would be appreciated.
I was sure I have this LP...but I have "only" Black Gypsy on LP.

Nick said...


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Thank you, Nick!