14 June 2007


a generous friend , wishing to contribute some , very rare unreissued vinyl, brings you....

paul bley-solemn meditation
(1958) GNP
this legendary record, was cut shortly before ,bleys legendary hillcrest club residency, which alerted (so some assert) the broader californian public to the existence of ornette coleman and don cherry.every one knows the story of how pike was sacked to make room for don and ornette.

this is the recorded debut of both dave pike and charlie haden.

a lovely record that i have known about but, never seen.
its firmly ,rooted in postbop language.
the playing's as wonderful as you'd expect but the real revelation here for me is lenny mcbrowne's drumming, which is subtly inventive throughout,other than this ive only previously heard mcbrowne on acouple of fairly drab ,organ funk dates from the mid sixties

theres so much dave pike being reissued especially on heavy 180 gram vinyl, its a wonder it hasnt been reissued for commercial reasons alone.
let alone because bley and haden are such pervasive contemporary influences.

my friend ,aint no trophy hunter
so be warned this and the record which follows have been well loved, and are probably going on 40years old

paul bley-piano
dave pike- vibraphone
charlie haden- db, lenny mcbrowne-drums
tracklist included+cover scan

ripped @256

thanks "friend"

next up carla bley, michael mantler, steve lacy-"jazz realities" phillips 1966, !!!


glmlr said...

Thanks, Friend! I think this has in fact appeared on CD once or twice, but whether those issues were legit is anyone's guess.

H&H said...

Sotise, thanks to you and your friend for this wonder. I did not know about its existence. I'm confused but I would like to ask you to read the comments on Huppes & Hyalites, on the galette recipe. I made a mistake ; tu put it shortly, please don't use butter in the first pan ! Butter comes later, when you reheat the galettes.

centrifuge said...

wow, that one really is "well-loved" isn't it...

what an odd record - i mean odd for bley to be hiding in his back catalogue. how many people would get anywhere near the answer on a blindfold test? i sure as hell wouldn't have done...

nice rarity tho'!

there are four tracks on side a and five on side b (only eight titles listed on the word doc)... net search brought the following list: i remember harlem, porgy, birk's works, o plus one, solemn meditation, drum two, everywhere, beau diddley, persian village. same source lists a gnp31 cd issue.

i agree about the drumming btw B-)

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

wow, thanks so much for this rare post. the drumming is indeed wonderful, but haden ain't so bad himself!

monsieur lu said...

Great album & great post, thanks to you & Friend.

monsieur lu said...

Great album & great post, thanks to you & Friend.

arshille said...

Thanx for posting this wonderful music - best wishes

E S said...

Thanks for any and all rare Paul Bley. Just for info: this has recently been released on CD by FRESH SOUND

Steve S said...

Any chance of posting Solemn Meditation again?