13 June 2007


hi, Marion Brown's jubalee has been one of the most downloaded items here, some one mentioned that the file ho link from feburary is no longer active it appears the earlier file ho links have been trolled.
i dont know why, the records are all OOP, and have been for years.
with little prospect of being reissued.

for archival purposes ive reuploaded this in FLAC, 3 files ,you need all three to unzip.

brown, grachan moncur, dave burrell, reggie johnson
alan shorter, bennie maupin, beaver harris


Anonymous said...


Rom said...

Thanks !

Sunmyth said...

Finally!!!!! I've been waiting forever for someone to post this!!!!! Thanks a billion!!!

sotise said...

you are all very welcome, marion brown is one of my absolute favourites.
sunmyth, thanks for all your fine posts over at brewing, you have perhaps overlooked us,i posted this in febuary, used a different filehost though,the links are dead.

Tim said...

much appreciated...and in FLAC too....bonus! thank you.

John Henry said...

Marion Brown - Porto Novo 320 mp3

Thought you might enjoy another great, but out-of-print recording:


John Henry said...

New York Contemporary Five - Consequences
New York Contemporary Five - Rufus
New York Art Quartet - Mohawk

All out-of-print and all in the same series:


Anonymous said...

Great thanks to you and Nothing Is for making a lot of impossible to find Marion Brown available.

When looking for his solo concert at Yale University I noticed your comment over at LEXICON DEVIL's post of Marion Brown "Quartet":

"sotise said...

also , forgot to mention theres a beautiful concert up of brown playing solo at yale university in 1981, at 192kbs
at a newish ,good blog here


That page is no longer there. If you got the concert could you please put it up on your blog?

Thanks again for a great blog!

Joe said...

Just found your blog a few days ago and wished to thank you for the Marion Brown disk. I have about 10 LP's and CD's of his in my collection and never heard Juba Lee. I'm listening as I write - as wonderful as the best of his releases. Again, Very Much Appreciated.

Anonymous said...

if you have the frst marion brown lp "Marion Brown Quartet". i wont this to much. sorry for the bad english. thnx

Sister Ray said...

Imagine my surprise at finding the first cut is "512 E. 12th (Street)", (I am assuming). I live at 507 E. 12th. Now I know 1988 is not 1966 and neither is today, but I like to think of my neighbor lady freaking out on one of those insanely hot NYC nights before A/C. It would be a rattling old fan clanging against the wire cage. There would also be open hydrants spraying the concrete with sizzle splash. Of course, the sirens would have to wail past and a screech or two of automatic transmissions trying to double park, and the tappits under the carb as counterpoint to the breeze machine. This is a dialogue in a tongue no longer spoken in a language we appreciate now because someone was listening to the East Village a long long time ago.

Anonymous said...

merci beaucoup pour ce Juba-Lee. Cela fait des années que j'ai égaré mon LP ret ne peux plus l'écouter, mais il continue à m'obséder. J'aime beaucoup Grachan Moncur dans ce disque.
Et merci aussi aux autres commentateurs pour leurs posts. Marion Brown est un grand artiste avec un son très délicat, je l'ai écouté plusieurs fois à Paris.

Yotte said...

While searching for some Amina Claudine Myers, I stumbled on your post. THANKS!

bruno said...

hi there,

first of all, you have a wonderful blog. i discovered it recently and really appreciate all that excellent music. thank you so much!

is there any chance you can repost this album? marion brown early music is so good.


Gerald said...

I would second the request to repost Jubalee, if at all possible. This is the best musc blog on the Internet!

lee said...

It's gone, oh great Sol.
Your blog is one of the best. Can You re-up this please?
Thanks !!!

Anonymous said...

Here, I uploaded Jubalee in mp3 ripped from LP.


jazzcol said...

Million thanks to last anonymous uploader!

brian said...

Please re-up!?

kinabalu said...

Sure thing!


The mp3 link is working, though ...

miguel f ceia said...

Can someone re-up it please.
Oron does not work.
Thank you so much!

kinabalu said...

Here we go again:


miguel f ceia said...

kinabalu, I cannot thank you enough!

SOTISE said...

Here's a better rip from a near mint
Nippon Phonogram reissue circa 1980

Nick said...

Thanks Sotise - great music

Anonymous said...

Thank you sotise. Though I've seen this a few times over the years I've never picked it up or heard it. Great lineup, looking forward to listening.


Javier Roz said...

Thanks Sotise!