2 April 2007

les rallizes denudes-bootlegs continued

flux'us and tom 7865

have kindly contributed more rips of rallizes boots for your delectation

flux'us said
The Blind baby was copied for me by a friend; from his original cd, but I >never got a cover with it.>All the others have covers in the rar file. the LSD March came in an >oversized package, too big to print,>so I have copied the sections with any info on!>Green Milk, this is their first self released cdr from 2001 released in an >edition of 100 copies max (may have only been 50)>LSD March was also quite limited, not sure how many, but I belive this was >sold out on pre order.

1.) Blind Baby Has Its Mothers Eyes (18.00) 2. An Aweful Eterntitie (Cruel Love) (18.26) 3. The Last One (17.00)

ripped and uploaded by flux'us

2)LSD March Live about which i have very little info ,and have never heard

ripped and uploaded by flux'us

3) Green Milk From The Planet Orange - The Shape of Rock To Come

ripped and uploaded by fluxus

4) heres a live compilation of material from 1970-73

MIZUTANI - Les Rallizes Denudes - (SIXE-0203) / CD 1991 1. 記憶は遠い(Mizutani) 5'54" (babel=As for memory optical) 2. 朝の光L'AUBE (Mizutani / Kubota) 1'37" (morning) 3. 断章1(Konno Masanori / Mizutani) 3'45" (stopping/deciding chapter 1) 4. 断章2(Unknown / Mizutani) 1'45" (stopping/deciding chapter 2) 5. 亀裂(Mizutani) 4'35" (cracks of distant ) 6. THE LAST ONE (Mizutani) Live Version 22'14" 7. 黒い悲しみのロマンセotherwise Fallin' Love With (Mizutani) 8'05" 1 - 6 All Tracks Recorded in Kyoto '70 Studio & Live (Monoral), Arrangements by Mizutani / Kubota / Makino 7 Track Recorded in Tokyo '73 Live (Stereo), Arrangements by Les Rallizes Denudes In Kyoto '70 Mizutani Takashi: vocal / fuzz & side guitar Makino Tadanaka: all purcussions Kubota Makoto: backing lead guitar also lead guitarof the first half in the6th track / bass guitar / purcussions(Later he formed the band "Sandii &Sunzets") In Tokyo '73 Les Rallizes Denudes : Mizutani Takashi: vocal / lead guitar Nakamura Takeshi: rythym guitar Shoda Shunichiro: drums http://rapidshare.com/files/22528197/Les_Rallizes_Denudes_-mizutani.rar

uploaded by tom7865

5) STUDIO & SOUNDBOARD 1969-1975(38:34)
D1-1-01 1.夜より深く 黒い悲しみのロマンセ 197510 : SB 1973 明治学院大学("Mizutani"に収録) 2.夜、暗殺者の夜 197305 : ST 3.お前を知った(THE LAST ONE) 197508 : SB 1975/08/24 獅子吼高原・夕焼2 4.造花の原野 197407 : ST 5.IMPROVISATION 196912 : ST 6.断章 1970 win : ST 7.黒い悲しみのロマンセ 197509 : ST 1980/09 国立 Mars Studio http://rapidshare.com/files/22672498/les_rallizes_denudes_-_studio___s
uploaded by tom7865
6)Live & Studio 75-78.
ripped and uploaded by flux'us
plenty to chew on, enjoy(thanks tom and flux'us)


hideo said...

blind baby = best album title yet

hey are you interested in that ayler box?

davemustang.... said...


I really liked the Blind Baby stuff...hard to describe except as unsettling...the 69-75 link is dead, could you please revive it.

Many thanks,


Ground Illusionz said...

Thanks so much! Excellent shit... Been after some of these for a while!!!

psychedelic_head said...

Many Thanks for the bunch!

Anonymous said...
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