24 January 2023



Today I would like to draw your attention to a book.
When I say book it's actually an understatement for the achievement
that Rick Lopez did in collecting all the data and information.
He still hopes for a normal life. Check it out!
The Sam Rivers Sessionography AVAILABLE HERE : : : Gofundme-Sam Rivers Sessionography
768 pages + nearly 600 images, many got from The RivBea Archive. 
This is an independent publishing project—also contact ricklopez@bb10k.com for other options.

“A dizzying, stunning achievement of research and scholarship. ... A joyful, sometimes psychedelic experience.”
Mike Chamberlain review, allaboutjazz.com
“A Rosetta Stone of insight, and a well-deserved and worthy tribute to an overlooked giant of the music.”
Taylor Ho Bynum
“What an incredible piece of work. It’s really something else. Informative and entertaining. ... Anticipating hours of joy.”
Barry Altschul
“Absolutely mind-blowing! So great!” —Mats Gustafsson
“An essential resource, a trail map for a rare and beautiful landscape of sounds.” —Larry Blumenfeld
“A tremendous document. ... This book is powerful.” —Jason Moran
“Lopez’s Sam Rivers sessionography is state of the art.” —Lewis Porter
“Rick Lopez’s book is by no means a biography. It’s not a discography either, and it’s not a photo documentation. And yet somehow it is everything at the same time.”
Wolfram Knauer review, Jazzinstitut Darmstadt (Jan 2023)
“Rick Lopez has done it again!” —James Brandon Lewis


DRONSZ said...

Seems to be great, indeed, but it would be even better if he detailed the contents a bit more. Is it just a plain sessionography, or does it contain bibliographic info, as well? A few samples pages would be great.
I'll write him anyway. Thanks for the heads up.

Rick Lopez / bb10k said...

Sorry, I wrongly assumed you'd be able to tell that from the quotes. Here's the AllAbout Jazz review:

It's got interwoven biography, a complete sessionography, and it's full of anecdotes, interviews, and almost 600 images.
Oh... + assorted mayhem.

Rick Lopez / bb10k said...

How do I post sample pages?

Nick said...

Hi Rick, that's more a question for your GoFundMe page. Nick.

Rick Lopez / bb10k said...

Sorry, I'm confused... I thought DRONSZ was asking to see some here.
On the GFM page there are four years' worth of project updates and videos that explain it all. Same on my Facebook profile which is public and easy to find. If someone wants something extra posted here, I'm not aware of how to do that.

DRONSZ said...

Rick, it was just a suggestion to improve your marketing. The GFM page, right now, is very simple.

As you said, there're the quotes. They are nice, but mostly words of praise, not really helpful to objectively describe the contents. You provided a brief description (which wasn't on the GFM page), and that was already enough for me. But I'm sure some sample pages would help you selling more copies.

There are a few other questions. Is it a professionally printed (and binded) edition, or an on-demand, (maybe) cheaper printing? Also, you say it's a "work in progress", will you update the contents? On which basis? Are the pictures B&W? All of them? A few pictures and page samples would help with some these questions.

As I said, these are just suggestions. You put a lot of effort in the book itself, I just think it deserves more proper exposure. Maybe there are videos and updates available, as you said, but they are mostly buried in the "updates" timeline, not really promptly visible.

Good luck, and congratulations again for the beautiful work.

Rick Lopez / bb10k said...


Rick Lopez / bb10k said...

Sample pages:

dolphyfan said...

Got my copy yesterday. My first impression is that this work is jaw-droppingly beautiful. In addition to the obsessively thorough discographical information the book is full of pictures, copies of handbills, bits of conversation and interviews. Thoroughly professional, top-notch production values from cover to cover. This book exemplifies "a labor of love" and would be worthy of supporting on principle alone. For those inclined, this is the real deal.