4 November 2022



Muhal Richard Abrams, piano, composer, voice
Henry Threadgill, alto & tenor saxophone
Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre, tenor saxophone, clarinet
Wallace McMillian, alto & baritone saxophone
Reggie Willis, double bass, voice
Steve McCall, drums, voice

Suite (Song For / The Sage / Scatterbrain / The Bell) 61:11
1. [part I]  49:45
2. [part II] 11:26

Recorded at Berliner Jazztage on November 4, 1973
[this is an uninterrupted performance - tracks were probably added for convenience by the trader]


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...


BT said...

What a line-up! Thank-you very much!

roberto t. said...

I'd love to get this, Ernst, but if I d0n't have the written link and I can't use proxy, which is the only way with fichier. It would be nice if you could write the full link. Thank you.

JColtrane said...

Big thanks

doghouse said...

Thanks Ernst - much appreciated as always

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Hi roberto t. - no problem. Here is the link: https://1fichier.com/?ftt2ll6u43g66cu7n1a4
Usually you will get the link if you go with your cursor to the link (left hand menu of your computer mouse) and use the option "copy the link address".

roberto t. said...

Many, many thanks Ernst, for your quick answer!

rev.b said...

Very much appreciated. I'm with BT, something of a dream band.

trabukko.59 said...

Very well thank you Ernst !

Guitarradeplastico,scraping oddities said...

many thanks

correct silence said...

an historical recording, one of the first performance by a young Henry Threadgill and also one rare performance by Wallace McMillan who's baritone solo at the end of the performance is very good. Recorded two years before my favorite studio album of Abrams "things to come from those now gone""
The sound is perfect too, Thank you Ernst
After all those years "inconstant sol" is still the greatest blog for real serious listeners.

john_a said...

Thanks for posting this great set!
Can someone clarify who played marimba(?) that starts ~4:40 into track 1?
That gets joined by a hand drummer after a few minutes, assume that would be Steve McCall but perhaps someone here has an idea on the mallet player.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Did some research (which I should have done before posting...) and found the following informations.
Muhal Richard Abrams-p, gongs, perc;
Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre-ts, cl, musette, perc;
Wallace McMillan-as, bs, bcl, fl, perc;
Henry Threadgill-as, fl, perc;
Reginald Willis-b, perc;
Steve McCall-dr, balafon, gongs, perc

alifib said...

unfortunately 1fichier is unavailable from Italy. Can you do anything, please?

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

HI alifib - you might like to use a Proxy site or adding a VPN to your browser. I've no time to upload to another hoster. Much too much uploads in my leisure time here and at other places.

alifib said...

OK, done; thank you.

jeff said...

A tremendous performance!
This was Muhal Richard Abrams first performance in Europe.
Great post Ernst.
Luckily I got to see Wallace McMillan from time to time throughout the years I lived in Chicago.
A great player. A criminally under recognized musician.

unitstructure said...

A Beauty! Sensitively recorded.Thankyou!!

nikos said...

Very nice, thanks a lot!

Nick said...

wow, this looks incredible. Thank you, Ernst!

roberth said...

thank u ernst

Noissessprahs said...

What an amazing find, can't wait to dig into this

Lee said...

Just saw this one today as I'm deep in some AACM listening and reading. Brilliant recording, Ernst, highly appreciated!

Bhowani said...

Merci beaucoup, Ernst!