7 November 2021



A1. Morning Colors
A2. The Dragon And The Rainbow: Forum With Modernmen

B1. The Rainbow
B2. Twilight Dance
B3. Meditation: The Sea, The Fire, The Earth

Cecil McBee, bass
Calo Scott, cello
Frank Clayton, drums
Marc Levin, flute, brass
Jonas Gwanga, trombone

Recorded at Stereo Sound Studios, NYC, 1967

Savoy Records – SMG-12190

LP Rip


Nick said...

found the Savoy LP eventually



JColtrane said...

Thanks a lot

correct silence said...

What a coincidence, I have requested this album many month ago and one week ago someone provided me a perfect rip of it, just few days before you post your version Nick.
A great album that I hope will be appreciated by many other people.
Marc Levin is still active, living in Denmark. Recently he told me that he would like to reissue this lp but noting is actually planned. he also told me that he is still in touch with Ed Curran who also recorded for Savoy under the direction of Bill Dixon and that Curran also would like to reissue his lp.
Marc Levin also have some archival and more recent recordings to publish... Hope it will come soon.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Thank you Nick for the Dragon Suite

dogon ad said...

Thanks Nick.

roberth said...

thank u nick levin is very interesting.
i have this somewhere on a cdr but who
knows when i willnext find it

BT said...

Thank-you very much!