11 August 2021

Beaver Harris Quartet - Beaver is my name

 Timeless Records 1987

A1 - Ismay, My Brother     11:14     
A2 - African Drums Medley     7:15     
B1 - Necaumong-Us         12:20     
B2 - It´s Hard To, But We Do     5:10     
B3 - J.C.Moses         4:55     

Juney Booth - Bass
Beaver Harris - Drums
Francis Haynes - Steel Drums
Andrew White - Tenor Saxophone

Recorded November 24, 1983 Recording Studio 44, Monster, Holland
Composed by Beaver Harris


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correct silence said...

This album has been reissued on cd by ultra vybes in Japan and still available at dusty groove or here

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