22 November 2020

Sun Ra & His Arkestra - Châteauvallon, France 25-8-1976

I got this from slsk for an IS friend, but it can as well stay here

The sound is not the best, but the music is

There are two different title list, one from the original uploader (dimeadozen, maybe 2014),

one from a blog  http://nuvoid.blogspot.com/2012/01/sun-ra-sunday_29.html

I hope you enjoy




corvimax said...


JColtrane said...

Many thanks

OSIRIS said...

Awesome post! I just shared this in the contributions section.

Sun Ra Arkestra - Live Slug's Saloon, NYC xx-xx-1969 or xx-xx-1970 2CD FLAC.


roberto t. said...

What a surprise in these hard times! 1970 and 1976 were very creative (and busy) years for Sun Ra and his crew, never thought I could ever listen to these. Many, many thanks, great work!.