8 May 2019

Reform Art Unit with Ram Chandra - Yen Goku

I just had the new that Fritz Novotny passed away yesterday (I see now that the new has already been spread).
I dont know if Reform Art Unit will go on, but it won't be the same without him and Sepp Mitterbauer. They never care much about selling but more about making music, so they have so many buried records, here is one.
not my rip, all info from advancedpoetx.com and CD tray

1 - Yen Goku (G.Smekal)
first on GR 70402 / RAU 1003
cassette, june 1970

2 - Live in Ljubljana F. Novotny)
first on GR 72401/ RAU 1004
cassette, june 1972

Ram Chandra Mistry - Sitar
Walter M.Malli - Percussions, Alto Flute
Anton Michlmayr - Bass
Sepp Mitterbauer - Trumpet
Fritz Novotny - Sopranosaxophone, Flute, Percussions
Giselher Smekal - Organ, Piano

reformARTunit Sextet, at the Festwochen Arena, Vienna

from a CD by granit record , gr 70003


corvimax said...


Vanderbrötz said...

Many thanks for this Rarity

mike said...

Wow, thanks, I never knew this existed! It's not even on the Discog website.

BT said...

Thank-you very much

correct silence said...

Regarding the futur of the Reform Art Unit, there will probably be one or several concerts tribute in memory of Fritz Novotny. Paul Fields who has been an important member of this collective since the seventies will probably be in charge. During the last decade Fritz Novotny recreated a new version of the R A U with musicians like Johannes Groysbeck, Yedda Chunyu Lin or more recently Rina Chandra. Yedda will certainly tell me about those events if they happen but unfortunately for all of us who are not living in Austria we won't see those projects.

wightdj said...

Appreciated, thanks.

correct silence said...

I have finally the time to listen to the full performance yesterday, what a great post. This is simply sublime. It's been a while that I haven't listened to the early period of the R A U, so it is a sort of rediscovery. It is really amazing to hear Ram Chandra playing totally in an Indian style appearing and disappearing all along the tracks. I wonder if on the beginning of "motion in motion" he plays a real raga or something inspired by a raga, I'm not able to identify. All the musicians are great, this is more spiritual than many music that pretend to be spiritual.

bhowani said...

Infinite thanks, Corvimax !!