17 March 2019

集団疎開 ‎– その前夜 - LIVE AT 八王子 ALONE (DES CHONBOO RECORDS, 1977)

A.  AGF Is

B1. ルネッサンス
B2. 恐いお話2
B3. 世知のバラード

Junji Mori, alto saxophone
Kazutoki Umezu, alto and baritone saxophone
Takashi Kikuchi, drums, percussion
Yoriyuki Harada, piano, soprano saxophone

Recorded live at "Alone", 八王子 on December 24, 1976

Des Chonboo Records ‎– DCB-01, This CD release on Bridge Records - Bridge - 049

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Nick said...



BT said...

Thank-you very much

Colin Green said...

Thanks very much, Nick

Moe said...

Thanks. Always will try anything with Umezu.

Remiller4 said...

Fantastic! I absolutely love it. Thank you very much for posting. One question: Is "Shudan Sokai" the name for their group? Thanks.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Thank you, Nick. This was on my mental want-list for quite some time. And the mental alert was enhanced by my recent reading of Soejima's book about Japanese Free Jazz.

roberto t. said...

Wonderful! Intensity and humour, is this their only record? Many thanks!

Destroyer1985 said...

Thank you again, Nick.

Nick said...

There're some other recordings with Umezu and Harada, including


Flame Up

This Is Music Is!?

1 track

Solomon said...

Thank you!

Nick said...

This is at CDJapan

konjaku said...

集団疎開 “Group evacuation” (hSudan soak)
その前夜 “That night before”
八王子 Hachioji (city in W Tokyo)

B1. ルネッサンス renaissance
B2. 恐いお話2 a frightening story 2
B3. 世知のバラード worldly ballad

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Thanks Konjaku for your translation!

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