21 March 2019

Al Tanner Quintet - Happiness Is... Takin' Care Of Natural Business... Dig? - Touché Records 1967

1 Introduction
2 Zaltanica
3 The Magi
4 Kuba!
5 Poor Me
6 Bronson's Blues
7 Lobby Lizards
8 Rolon's Groove

Al Tanner: piano
Edgar Williams: bass
George Alexander: trumpet, flute
William « Smiley » Winter: drums
Roy Henderson: tenor sax

this rip comes from the cd reissue that contains one bonus track
Touché records trcd 100, 1996
original lp published in 1967 on the same label trlp 100
One lp reissue have been published in 1980 under the name: les oubliés de Jazz Ensemble - Teresa Yuko Doane, Touche Records And Friends Presents An Evening Of


correct silence said...

just discovered that there is another album by AL Tanner that is available for download and also in physical format:

correct silence said...
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Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Sorry to spoil the fun but this album is available at bandcamp.

rev.b said...

No worries Ernst. Visited bandcamp and had more fun with $7 than I've had in a while! Does anyone reading this know how much the band gets? I'd like to think it's more than they'd get from a label. In any event, thanks for the heads up.

correct silence said...

@Rev.B Bandcamp return around 75% for the artists, it is the actual best deal for them. ...and if you think that 7$ is not enough you can pay a higher price, bandcamp gives this possibility too.

rev.b said...

@ correct silence, thanks for the info. That is a much better deal for them. I thought that might be the case, so I generally do add a dollar or two.

correct silence said...

I'm very disappointed, as you can imagine I haven't checked on bandcamp before making this post because I was far to imagine that someone could still take care of Al Tanner's music. So when Ernst posted the info I thought that all the "touché records" catalogue was available but only the Al Tanner is. So if someone have "Les Oubliés De Jazz Ensemble" on lp and cant rip it it would be great.