21 February 2019

Masahiko Satoh - Pavane Lachrymae - Denon 1978

Several years ago I interviewed Masahiko Satoh, probably for the french magazine "impro jazz". One of my first questions was about the incredible diversity of styles he has been playing since the beginning of his career. He then replied, "I have no particular style, when I started to play to win money, the first band I played with, was a jazz band, if it had been a tango band I will become a tango pianist. Reality or casualness of the answer?

1 From The Highest
2 No nights are dark enough
3 And tears, and sights, and groams
4 My weary days
5 My fortune is thrown
6 And fear, and grief, and pain
7 Let me live for lorn

Masahiko Satoh: piano (steinway), Synthesizer (Korg PS-3100 Polyphonic, EMS Synthi AKS), Electric Piano (Fender), Harpsichord.

Recorded April 19 & 20, 1978

Lp Denon YX-7536-ND

This rip comes from a cd that contains also another lp: magnolia no ki not included in this post because it have been reissued as a single cd some years ago and still available.