6 April 2018

Vlatko Kučan Quartet Feat. Tomasz Stanko - Live At Palo-Palo - True Muze 1991

Our trip in the East goes on with this saxophonist from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). But even if Vlatko Kučan have kept some connections with his native country, he lives in Germany since the seventies. Under his name he have made only one album that is presented here but he have played with many renowned musicians including Anthony Braxton, Steve Swallow, Lester Bowie, Carla Bley, Marion Brown  or Dieter Glawischnig to name a few. But Vlatko Kučan is also working as composer for theatre, movies and radio; his works includes also meeting between music and philosophy and poetry. Last but not least he have also studied psychoanalysis and he teach and practice musical therapy. Considering that, no surprise that his discography as a leader is so small.

Vlatko Kučan Quartet Live At Palo-PalO

  1. Dance Of The Robot People
  2. 2. Gigolo
  3. 3. Paris Blues
  4. 4. Floating
  5. 5. Tuba Tune
  6. 6. `Round Midnight

Track 1 & 3 composed by Jay Oliver, track 2 & 5 composed by `Vlatko Kuçan, track 4 composed by Heinz-Erich Gödecke and track 6 composed by…

-Vlatko Kučan: Tenor & soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
-Bill Elgart: Drums
-Jay Oliver: Bass
-Tomasz Stanko: Trumpet
-Michael Danner: Trombone, tuba

Recorded Live at Palo-Palo, Hannover Germany on 19 March 1991

True Muze TUMU CD 9803 cd rip


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