7 June 2017

Mahler 5 ~ Bavarian State Orchestra / Kirill Petrenko ~ Munich, 6th June 2017

From a BR-Klassik live broadcast  from Munich yesterday evening, here is Mahler's fifth symphony by the Bavarian State orchestra under Kirill Petrenko. There's a slightly bent note in one of the opening trumpet phrases; this seems to serve to concentrate everyones' mind to deliver an immensely powerful performance, full of light and shade, the struggle to address the conflicts and ambiguities of being an adult, and the desire to return to the innocence of childhood.

Gustav Mahler
Symphony no. 5 in C# minor

1. Trauermarsch (12.44)
2. Stürmisch bewegt, mit größter Vehemenz (14.06)
3. Scherzo (16.56)
4. Adagietto (8.30)
5. Rondo finale (14.46)

Bavarian State Orchestra
Kirill Petrenko
Munich National Theatre; 6th June 2017


Tantris said...


erasmus said...

a welcome surprise.

Thaddeus Milne said...

Thanks much for this! Petrenko is a young guy I've not gotten a chance to hear a lot from yet, and this is a great chance, as I know Mahler 5 very well!

martin said...

The first time I saw Kirill Petrenko was on the Digital Concert Hall for his first concert as Chief Conductor with the Berlin Phil. I thought it a truly wonderful performance from the musicians (who seemed to be so happy) and with some heartbreaking singing from Georg Nigl.
Thank you, thank you for this.

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Looking forward to this. Thank you.