11 June 2017


This rather obscure recording with Glenn Spearman was requested some time ago.
So we're happy to get this rip due to a friend (and more) of Inconstant Sol.
Offered here almost as I got it except I've removed several dozens of clicks and pops manually.

Louis Armfield, alto saxophone, piano
Nedly Elstak, trumpet
Harry Piller, drums
Glenn Spearman, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet

A1. Spooks  8:45
A2. Herrie  7:50
A3. Loaded Rough Lunch  4:56
B1. Incident  10:33
B2. A Music Ensemble  10:39

Recorded in Amsterdam, Netherlands, July 23, 1977.

Coreco 01, 1977

LP Rip


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...


francisco santos said...


armando said...

An early Spearman,...thank you very much, Ernst!

Ben said...


correct silence said...

An interesting record who can even be lyrical sometimes. I have a question Ernst, listening carefully I have the feeling that the two tracks of the b side are a continuing piece without gap on the lp, am I right?
This recording inspired me a request:

correct silence said...

...and another request:
Obviously this second and last release by Armfield is more modal than free but can be interesting.

Solomon said...

Thank you so much Ernst! I really appreciate it!

This record was more intense than I thought it would be. What a great surprise!

I would be able to share Nedley Elstak Trio - Conglomeration, if no one else can. I can do a vinyl rip of it, but it might not be of the highest quality (most likely mp3). Let me know if you'd like me to share it. It's a much more straight ahead recording, with Nedley mostly playing piano. Although, his wonderful trumpet playing, and freer playing. is featured on the longest track "Celona II", a definite highlight!

Thank you again Ernst!

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Hi Solomon,
a rip of Elstak's 'Conglomeration' would be welcome.
But why in mp3. When ripping a LP it is lossless (most likely in wav).
Why transferring the files into lossy mp3?

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

@ correct silence. I also believe that side B is a continous piece of music. Alas it is not my rip but I removed the clicks and pops manually, only. And apart from that I offer the music here as I got it.

correct silence said...

Nice so we have the same feeling Ernst. My evening job will be to try to stick both properly. thank for your answer.

bventure said...

Many thanks for an interesting album Ernst

correct silence said...

If you want you can transfer "conglomeration" side by side and you can send me both files, I can edit track by track if it help.

frebro said...

Thanks Ernst. This is the stuff I had in mind

Luc Mosley said...

Thank you!