2 June 2017

Carla Bley Band - Live In Berlin 1979

Here is a very well recorded live of the Carla Bley Band in a period that is in my opinion one of the most interesting. There are some great studio recordings of the C.B.B like « European Tour » or « Musique Mecanique ». But the official live in her discography comes later and the music seems more static than on the preview years. Here we have the eccentric approach à la Mingus, some influences of what we can call « popular music » and a fantastic band. High musical quality and fun, here is what we have. Gary Windo who have been under recorded is particularly great here.

01. announcement by Michael Naura
02 Floater
03 Ida Lupino
04 Wrong Key Donkey
05 Dreams So Real
06 Walking Batterie Woman
07 I’m A Mineralist
08 Boo To You Too
09 Musique Mecanique
10 Song Sung Long

Carla Bley - Piano, Vocals, Organ / Gary Windo - Tenor Sax / Carlos Ward - Alto Sax / D. Sharpe - Drums, Vocals / Arturo O’ Farrell - Piano / Gary Valente - Trombone / Michael Mantler - Trumpet / Earl McIntyre - Tuba / Steve Swallow El Bass.

Recorded live in Berlin November 14, 1979


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Very good band ! Carla is great
Thank you for sharing !

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Finally getting to see her in Melbourne next week on her first visit to Australia

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Hi. I'd love to have this. Been trying to get it for years. Is there someone who could re-post? Thanks!