27 January 2017

Sonny Simmons, Jeffrey Shurdut - The Future Is Ancient (nolabel 2004)

Sonny Simmons - Alto Saxophone
Jeffrey Shurdut - Guitar, Amplifier, Computer, Indian Chimes

Frontier Music Composition : The Future Is Ancient Suite

1 - Untitled
2 - Untitled    
3 - Untitled    
4 - Untitled    
5 - Untitled    
6 - Untitled    

Recorded March 9, 2004, T.H.E. FMA Studio, NYC, USA

Liner Notes - Julien Palomo
Recorded, Edited, Mixed by Jeffrey Shurdut

Nolabel  363, CDr
Released 2004


corvimax said...

tracks lenght differs from what is listed at discogs


Mr E said...

Thanks for this rarity!

francisco santos said...

@ BIG THX Mr. @corvimax!...

Guitarradeplastico your favorite musician said...

many thanks

Sergio said...

Many thanks, brother!

IB said...

Oh yeah! :D
Glad you unearthed it. No harm, nobody has any plans to reissue that... It will end up on Bandcamp one day, I guess.

I explain a bit more about the 2 versions (2 different mixes) of this album here:

The album that started it all for many of the people involved - Sonny, Jeff, me... We all saw the future was electric, electronic, a constant mutation, improvisation couldn't stay where it was any longer.

Even though I'm rare around here these days, I have a thought for all the old friends and refuges from beloved Church #9. Everytime I visit, I'm happy to see this music is still around and kicking, and you keep on the good fight preserving it.


corvimax said...

hello J, thank you for explaining about the two versions, I didnt notice it at that page.
It would be great if this music appears on bandcamp, together with more from your 'reservoir'.
I often meet your name in my discogs search; but owner, not for sale.
to the next