16 January 2017

Roswell Rudd ~ John Tchicai ~ Steve Lacy ~ Kent Carter ~ Steve McCall ~ RAI Big Band; Teatro dell’Opera, Rome; 24th March 1980

In 1980, the Italian radio programme Un Certo Discorso organised and broadcast eleven concerts with several of the leading jazz musicians at that time, together with the RAI big band. Several of the broadcasts of these concerts have already been shared on this blog. The RAI3 programme Battiti has been revisiting several of these performances recently, including one that has not appeared either here or on Dime. So here it is - it's just great to hear Steve Lacy on such ecstatic form, together with John Tchicai, Roswell Rudd, Kent Carter and Steve McCall, and of course, the RAI big band. As little editing as possible has been done, to give continuity to the actual concert; any corrections to the setlist or other details are welcome.

La foresta nello zoo / The Forest and the Zoo

Roswell Rudd trombone
John Tchicai saxophone
Steve Lacy soprano saxophone
Kent Carter bass
Steve McCall drums

and the RAI Big Band

Teatro dell’Opera, Rome; 24th March 1980


01 - radio introduction
02 - 'S Crazy Pad  - Skippy - Warm Valley - Reuniosis
03 - radio continuity
04 - Il saluto del mattino - Bud's Brother
05 - radio continuity
06 - Well You Needn't


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Wow!! Thank you and Happy New Year, Tantris.

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Great thanks for this piece of history, Tantris!

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at least for me, Zippyshare and filchier have been corrupted by phishing agents, and no longer work, unfortunately

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Cool, thanks. Zippy didn't phish me for those 7 links, but I know what konjaku means. Great stuff, vital to my Lacy collection.

Jazz from Italy said...

In the magical box "Un Certo Discorso", there is a real treasure hidden inside... Thanks for having rediscovered and shared!!!

Anonymous said...

Thx! Super hi quality recording too, much better than the one that has been upped on dimeadozen.

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Thank you, this looks fantastic. Minor hassle with the first download, then plain sailing.

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Do I need to be "signed in" to Zippyshare? When I hit the download button, I just get shunted to a commercial site. This looks to be some incredible material!

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To be signed in might help - a bit - I have an free account from Zippyshare. But I have also an add-blocker and I get also a 'shunt'.
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Ernst wrote, "Mostly after three or four clicks in one session I'll get the links without any obtrusion." This method is now working for me for Zippyshare. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Jazzhound - sorry that it's been difficult. Maybe zippy doesn't work well with too many files. Try this instead;


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tantris,thank u so much. big rudd fan, hey big lacy fan, and also big John Tchicai fan.
can't wait to hear. thank u

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thanks tantris for this epic concert and mega link