1 January 2017

Jan Edvard Wallgren & Swedish Radio Jazz Group - Lavoro In Corso (dragon 1985)

maybe a bit too mellow for the standard here, but  I'm sure many can enjoy it in the right moment

Jan Edvard Wallgren (1935-1996) - Piano et direction d'orchestre with Swedish Radio Jazz Group:
Bengt Ernryd - trumpet, flugelhorn, piccola trumpet
Gustavo Bergalli - trumpet
Hakan Niquist - trumpet, french horn
Lasse Oloffson - trombone
Sven Larsson - bass trombone
Lennart Aberg - alto and soprano saxophones , alto flute
Krister Andersson - tenor saxophone, clarinet
Erik Nilsson - baritone saxophone, bass clarinet
Palle Danielsson - bass
Orjan Fahlström - percussion
Petur Ostlund - drums
Bengt Berger - tablas, percussion

side A
A1. Dur Och Moll Ar Var Paroll
A2. Come, Creative Spirit
A3. A Ground for these Distracted Times
A4. In Search of Traditions Lost
side B
B1. Would You Like to Play the Blues with Me?
B2. Alexander Skryabin's Raga-Time Band
B3. Aria and Blues in G

Compositions by Jan Edvard Wallgren
Recorded in Stockholm, march 29, 1984

Dragon Records, DRLP 89
Vinyl, Sweden, 1985


corvimax said...

after some work of cleaning is very listenable, only a glitch in the first 20 second that I can not clean



Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Wether mellow or not - I'm always open for some Wallgren or even Bengt Ernryd.
Thank you, corvimax.
Happy New Year 2017!

correct silence said...

Thank Corvimax and like Ernst I'm also open to music with Wallgren, Ernryd and also Bengt Berger
Happy new year to all contributors and followers

James Manion said...

Excellent and thank you corvimax

francisco santos said...


Wallofsound said...

Many thanks.

daniel said...

big thanks @corvimax!

happy new year for all the inconstantSol team!!

keep UP.

Solomon said...

Thank you!

bhowani bhowani said...

Thank you, Corvimax !

bhowani bhowani said...

Many thanks !

correct silence said...

it is the first time that I listen to this album carefully, I used to take a short listen when burning it on cd, that is why I'd like to leave a new comment. perhaps mellow, perhaps gentle but Wallgren is a very serious composer. I already noticed it on the love chant album
For exemple "in search of traditions lost" is a perfect exemple of the way an apparently gentle composition can turn into a very interesting track with energy. "would you like to play the blues" is just fantastic because how can we imagine a tabla player in a blues? "Aria and blues in g" is composed in a tumri style, tumri are traditional folk compositions that are often played to end a concert in the khyal tradition. The fact that this composition is ending the lp is a tribute to this tradition I think. And finally Corvimax your transfer is more than listenable, playing it on my hi fi system I really had the feeling to listen to the original lp or a Japanese 24 bit reissue