2 October 2016


A companion to corvimax's previous post feat. the same drums 'n' bass.

Dave Rempis, alto & tenor saxophone
Keefe Jackson, clarinet & tenor saxophone
Nick Broste, trombone
Brian Dibblee, bass
Frank Rosaly, drums

1. No Shade Of Red     07:35
2. Hand Impairment     06:39
3. Long Lines             07:19
4. Edge Wear             10:02
5. Apples             10:26
6. Witz             09:22
7. Seams             05:02

Recorded at 3030 (Chicago) on January 27, 2003.

All music by Brian Dibblee except track 6 by Frank Rosaly.

Future Reference Recordings – FR003 (2003)


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thanks for this excellent group.

john said...

I enjoyed the Design Flaw post very much so thanks for this related material. Good line-up; not too much trombone around these days, so this is welcome.

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Thanks a lot !

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