25 December 2015

DON CHERRY'S NU - Live at the Bracknell Jazz Festival, 1986

DON CHERRY - pocket trumpet, piano, vocals, doussn'gouni
CARLOS WARD - alto saxophone, flute
NANA VASCONCELOS - percussion, berimbau, vocals

1. Lito  23:29
2. Chopin Chopeen  8:01
3. Foolish Heart  6:58
4. Traffic  6:39
5. O Berimbau  4:35
6. Untitled  11:20
7. Limbo  8:37
8. Mopti  5:00

Live At The Bracknell Jazz Festival, 1986  (BBC Jazz Legends)

I remember John Stevens at the side of the stage intently studying Ed Blackwell's drumming.

Happy Christmas.


Andy said...


Nick said...

Thanks, Andy and the very best to you too. I was lucky to catch them on tour that year.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this gem

Anonymous said...

Saw this great band in NYC same year - and totally grooved on Cherry playing the dousso n'goni or Malian Hunters harp. Check out one of the malian greats these days: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=sekouba+traore. Hapy Holidays to you all and thank you for the wealth of music.

rebf942 said...

Many thanks - you've saved me digitizing my cassette of the broadcast.

Pete K. said...

Sweet ~ some Nu Don Cherry for Xmas. Many thanks, peace.

Vitko said...

Thank you Andy, and Happy Christmas.

bho wani said...

many thanks, andy !

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this. I saw them in '87 at the Leadmill. Ed Blackwell was too ill to play, but Nana played a drum kit with one hand and hit percussion with the other. Thanks, Neil

Andy said...

@ Neil. Yes. I saw them again on that same tour at Warwick University. Blackwell played the first set only, and Nana took over for the second. I have the BBC recording from the Brighton gig (by then with no Blackwell) if you are interested.

Miloš Latislav said...

Very enjoyable album, thank you Andy!