12 December 2014

Leroy Jenkins With The New Chamber Jazz Quintet (Geodesic 2010)

Beneath Detroit. The Creative Arts Collective Concert At The Detroit Institute Of Arts, 1979-92
Leroy Jenkins With The New Chamber Jazz Quintet

Incredibly already forgotten.
Geodesic has released only three albums, from what I know, all in 2010. Other were scheduled but never released.

Leroy Jenkins - Violin, Vocals
A.Spencer Barenfield - Guitars, African Harp, Vocals
Tani Tabbal - Drums, Percussion, Balafon, Vocals
Faruq Z. Bey - Tenor Sax, Vocals
Anthony Holland - Alto and Soprano Sax, Vocals
Jaribu Shahid - Bass, Vocals, Wash-tub Bass

CD 1
1. Through the ages Jehovah
2. For players only
3. Butter
4. Grab the fab

CD 2
1. No banks river
2. Collegno
3. A girl named rainbow
4. Finale from score for O

Recorded 1981
all compositions by Leroy Jenkons exept 'A girl named rainbow' by Ornette Coleman

Geodesic 02, CD
released 2010


corvimax said...


wightdj said...

New to me, thanks.

maghetto said...

many thanks

Unknown said...

Thanks. The best Geodesic was the reissue of the long out-of-print Transdimensional Space Window.

Unknown said...

haven't heard jenkins' "through the ages, jehovah" since andrew cyrille's FANTASTIC album "The Navigator." Look forward to hearing the man himself revisiting it here, and all the rest... Thank you!

E-mile said...

Wonderful diggin' Corvimax! anything Faruq i am (more than) willing to try!
thanks a zillion [:-)

Clifford Allen said...

wow - I was still pretty actively reviewing at that time, and nothing on this label crossed my radar (surprisingly). They must've been very word-of-mouth. Can't wait to hear this.

toci said...

Wonderful.Thank you.

Arcturus said...

apparently I've been sleeping this past month - many, many thanks, man!

SantosCurser said...

keep on truckin brother, we dont have leroy but we got his works

Brewing Luminous said...

May we please have a re-upp?


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