31 December 2014


A1. バグワン
A2. 英吉花吉
A3. コーリャン
A4. サーカス I
A5. サーカス II
A6. アイルランド (The Grenadier & The Lady)

B1. エピストロフィー (Epistrophy)
B2. チリもつもればヤマとなり
B3. レインボーン・スティーブ
B4. 砂漠の隊商 (Caravan)

Lee Won Hui, soprano and tenor sax
Kikuchi Koji, drums

Recorded on 1-3 June 1985 at Johnny's, Rikuzentakata, Iwate

Johnny’s Disk JD-13

LP Rip


Nick said...

Happy New Year




Ананасий Непитин said...

thanks a lot for this rip!
never heard neither Mototeru Takagi (he is hidden behind the Korean-sounding alias Lee Won Hui; don't know why he has taken the family name substitute 'Lee' but his personal name Mototeru in Korean reading gives Won Hui).
discogs gives decipherings to the track names for the 1st side, for Monk's and ellington's pieces framing the B side, while B2 and B3 remains not translated.
i suppose, B3 means 'Rainborn Steve', but what does it mean - don't know.

DW said...

Happy New Year, Nick! And thanks for all the gifts you bring..

Ананасий Непитин said...

i've found the meaning of B2. it's apanese proverb, written in such a form of puzzle. reconstructed back to kanji form it gives '塵も積もれば山となる' with meaning similar to 'Many a little makes a mickle'.

Bulkang U. Antibop said...

So,...combining Ананасий Непитин's work with what's on discogs and my own gumshoe, the current best guess on the track titles is:

A1. Bhagwan
A2. Eikichi Hanakichi or Eikichi bets on Kyrgyzstan
A3. Kaoliang (sorghum, or sorghum liquor)
A4. Circus I
A5. Circus II
A6. Irish Folk Song - but the tune is in fact The Grenadier And The Lady (English Traditional)
B1. Epistrophy (T. Monk, K. Clarke)
B2. Dust is a mountain, though it be also, it is.
B3. Rainbow Ng Steve
B4. Caravan (D. Ellington, I. Mills, J. Tizol).

The "Ng" in B3 could mean "five" or "yellow" if not just a name, Vietnamese or other. If "five," Rainbow Five was an American War Plan against the Japanese, I believe. As for A2, if one translates in Japanese, there is the first transliteration. In Chinese, we get the latter. There is a famous Japanese rock musician named Eikichi Yazawa who, in '85 would've been at a unique height of fame and riches, known for blowing a huge load on a land deal. Takagi was known to have played for rock groups. Perhaps a connection...??? No idea why the alias for this album and no info on the Kikuchi [common name of the fungus Aspergillus Oryzae]!

Nick said...

Discogs is me and Babelfish, so I wouldn't bet on those titles. Steve could be Steve Lacy, as he toured Japan extensively and Takagi played some Lacy tunes.

Bulkang U. Antibop said...

I totally understand and respect your decision to post with the titles you did! I had a fun round of it though! Thanks again!

onxidlib said...

Thanks Nick!
Do I get it right: Lee Won Hui is Mototeru Takagi?

Nick said...

That's right, Onxidlib.

It was produced by Ken Terui, who owned and ran Jazz Cafe Johnny in Rikuzentakata and released several albums on his own label. He opened another jazz venue in Morioka called Kaiunbashi-no-Johnny. The original venue was destroyed in the tsunami of 2011, along with much of his home town and thousands of lives.

There are some photos of the original cafe and Rizkuzentakata before the tsunami here.

The Morioka venue is active and has some current CDs too, here.

There is an article about Ken on the National Public Radio website.

bventure said...

Dear Ананасий Непитин, I think you mean "many a mickle makes a muckle', but much respect for your efforts. Don't we get some interesting discussions on here? Lovely.

SOTISE said...

thank you Takagi is simply one of the best period!!!... not a huge amount in print... his duo with Motoharu Yoshizawa on P.S.F is worth seeking out!

Nick said...

Track B2 is "El pueblo unido jamás será vencido", "the people united will never be defeated", by Sergio Ortega.

B3 is Rainbow Steve - it's Lacy's "Bone"

Thanks to Pierre for the info.

Bulkang U. Antibop said...

Thanks to Pierre. I'm absolutely certain we would've gotten there through pure logic eventually, as so much dust and so many mickles uniting as mountains and muckles respectively are surely undefeatable... :-D

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Solomon said...

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jeff said...

Thank you. Interesting fact from Soejima's book. Mototeru Li. Korean heritage.