2 October 2014

Roswell Rudd Quintet, featuring Sheila Jordan- Live in Laren 1975, FM

Here's Another fine show, by Roswell Rudd , with the wonderful Sheila Jordan on vocals..
A couple of tracks, from the "Flexible Flyer' album, and a great version of the classic" Rosmosis"

Rudds distinctive voice was one of the things that turned me on to this area of the music back in the 80's , when walking past a second hand record shop i heard Shepp's "3 for a quarter one for a dime"
a transformative experience ,which is vivid and nourishing to this day.

Rudds oeuvre is diverse and wonderful , many recent projects  having a pan ethno world fusion flavor  that convinces unlike many such projects (not surprising given his background as an ethno musicologist.)..they are well worth checking out especially the glorious 'Mali cool".
That said i'd like to recommend Blown Bone, originally released in Japan only and very tough to find until  its reissue on Emanem 10 years ago..a real marvel of  stylistic diversity and forerunner of the aforementioned recent work.

I recieved this in a trade some years ago , 
here are the original dime seeders notes

Roswell Rudd-Sheila Jordan
Laren, Netherlands
September 6, 1975

Roswell Rudd (trombone), Sheila Jordan (vocals), Dave Burrell (piano), Cameron Brown (bass), Beaver Harris (drums).

1. Introduction   0' 10"
2. Rosmosis   19' 50
3. Rudd talking 0' 39'
4. Confirmation 11' 39"
5. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life? 5' 18"
6. Moselle Variations 24' 36"
7. You Are My Sunshine 9' 44"
8. outtro 0' 17"

Source: FM > ? > Cassette > CDR > EAC > ? > FLAC via Dimeadozen.org


I Would love to hear Rudd's first ever recording with Neo dixieland college combo Eli's chosen few 
if anyone has the old columbia lp.


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I don't have a way of digitizing albums, and my copy of the Eli's Chosen Six album is beat up anyway, but it is worth hearing. Rudd sounds exactly like he always would.

There appears to be a (surely bootleg) MP3 download for sale at http://www.amazon.com/College-Jazz-EliS-Chosen-Six/dp/B0048WB5Z0
The preview of track 10 That Da Da Strain has some nice Rudd sound.

And there's a bit of them driving around playing Bill Bailey in Jazz on a Summer's Day, seen at http://youtu.be/cTXR2JPK0zA?list=PL_WiTN4RQniBp93OEcS0U_8bvO3sLvA2D (the visuals are mostly drunk people dancing on rooftops).

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