23 September 2014

Peter Apfelbaum - Pillars (Jewish Matador 1979)

on Signature:
the Berkeley Arts Company

Steven Bernstein - trumpet , flughelhorn
John Pickus - alto saxophone, bells
Tony Jones - tenor saxophone
Peter Apfelbaum - bass saxophone, drums, gong, poem recitation

on Blood Chhimes:
Peck Allmond - trumpet
Rachel Durling - violin
Tony Jones - tenor saxophone
Kevin Lock - tenor saxophone
Norbert Stachel - tenor saxophone
Steven Bernstein - tuba
Peter Apfelbaum - drums

on Blood Intellect:
Peck Allmond - trumpet
Josh Pickus - alto saxophone
Tony Jones - tenor saxophone
Norbert Stachel - tenor saxophone
Peter Apfelbaum - drums, percussion

on Zeus:
Wendy Apfelbaum - vocal
Peter Apfelbaum - soprano saxophone

on Pillars, Lift Every Voice, African Hymn and Salvation:
the Hieroglyphics Ensemble

Herbert Sneed - trumpet
Steven Bernstein - trumpet
Peck Allmond - trumpet (solo on Pillars)
Sarah Cline - trombone
Josh Pickus - alto saxophone (solo on Salvation)
Paul Hanson - alto saxophone (solo on Pillars)
Tony Jones - tenor saxophone
Norbert Stachel - tenor saxophone (solo on Lift Every Voice)
Kevin Lock - baritone saxophone
Steve Mitchell - bass saxophone
Jed Kreinberg - electric guitar
Benny Green - piano (except Lift Every Voice)
Bruce Somers - bass (solo on Pillars)
Josh Jones - timbales (drums on Lift Every Voices)
Robert Huffman - congas
Peter Apfelbaum - drums, piano on Lift Every Voices, soprano saxophone on African Hymn

A1 - Signature
A2 - Pillars
A3 - Lift every voice
B1 - Blood chimes
B2 - Zeus
B3 - Blood intellect
B4 - African hymn/Salvation

all selections by Peter Apfelbaum, except "Lift Every Voice" by James Weldon Johnson, and "African Hymn", a traditional choral piece from Ghana

A1 recorded live at the Berkeley Community Theatre on november 15, 1978
other tracks recorded at Bear West Studios, San Francisco, march 3 and 10, 1979

Jewish Matador Records 1979
vinyl rip


ushaped said...

Massive thanks! I never thought I would get to hear this. A beautiful astral jazz LP.

All the best,

Solomon said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, this is great! I hear Mingus, Sun RA, AEOC and some unique character of it's own...I picked up on this purely because it was posted here by folks whose opinion I trust and was not disappointed.

E-mile said...

thanks Corvimax, like anonymous above me said, plus you "warned" me something special was coming up [:-) Indeed I like it, a smile from ear to ear over here, again, thanks!

Wallofsound said...

That's today sorted. Thanks.

Arcturus said...

wow - haven't seen or heard this in ages - Benny Green was all of 16 at the time!

Anonymous said...

Is there a new link to this? My friend Bruce Somers played bass on this recording. Thank you!

corvimax said...

new link:

Calisan said...

Many thanks! Incredible and rare album!