8 August 2014


This is an excerpt of David Toop's recording from a Shamans group healing ceremony.
Recorded in November 1978 at the village Dayari-teri (not the one above) which is situated at the high Orinoco River some 600 kilometers from the Amazonas capitol of Purto Ayacucho.

Originally this recording was released on Toop's label Quartz Publications titled "Hekura - Yanomamö Shamanism From Southern Venezuela".
The excerpt stems from the now OOP CD "Ancient Light And The Blackcore" issued by Sub Rosa.

According to David Toop this is no music but techniques of the subworld. But it works as a purely sound-event nonetheless - at least for myself.

Here's the excerpt...

Update - Lucky found a rip of the LP >  http://luckylocus.blogspot.de/2014/08/yanomamo.html
I've added a scan of the linernotes of the CD from which the excerpt was taken in the comments over there......

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