26 July 2014

HOPPER / DEAN / TiPPETT / GALLiVAN - Live in Paris 1977

Paris, Theatre Campagne, 1977-04-22

Elton Dean, as, saxello
Keith Tippett, p
Hugh Hopper, bg
Joe Gallivan, dr , moog synth

1 Echoes 10:35
2 Seven Drones 11:17
3 Naima (fade-out) 8:44
4 Footprints (Wayne Shorter) 11:01
5 Gallivan solo > Gualchos theme ? 9:07
6 unknown title 10:15

Lineage: aud > cdr trade > flac > dime

61:01, Sound Rating: Sound Board A-

UPLOADED BY JAZZRITA 09-07-18, remastered July 2o14 by miloo2


This recording was previously shared as Hugh Hopper Quartet on IS contributions section. I think Elton is playing excellently here. I did what I can with improving muddy sound of this recording. Sadly, Keith's piano is underamplified, so we will probably never hear it as we want, but in the end it sounds surprisingly good to me. And more surprisingly, theme at the end of track 5 seems to me like being Gualchos from EDQ Silent Knowledge 1995 album!

I would also like to remind two albums that quartet made: 1976 Cruel But Fair on Compendium label (reissued on CD by One Way Records, now probably OOP) and 1977 Mercy Dash, which remained unsissued until 1985 release on Culture Press (which made also first CD reissue, second is out now by Gonzo Multimedia).

And coincidentally, I've just got the answer to my question, from where this good quality live recording on YT is originated. It was released as a bonus on Japanese paper-sleeve CD Cruel But Fair. So obviously there is another stuff!


miloo2 said...

flac at ulozto.net

SamRivers D said...

i've been checking out said two albums. am keen to compare with this live chemistry, especially in joe's case.
thank you

kinabalu said...

Thanks for that, Miloo2. I have both of those albums you mentioned. The pic at the top is from the cover of the Compendium lp, a fairly short-lived label based in Oslo. Of other Hopper albums, 1984 was a crucial one, out in 1973, Hopper Tunity Box, also on Compendium and then there was Soft Head - Rogue Element, which had Hopper and Dean, out on Ogun in 1978. There was also a Dean-Gallivan collaboration on Ogun. All worthwhile exploring.

miloo2 said...

another link, this time for
mp3 @ 320

miloo2 said...

Thanks men. I would also like to add two Soft Heap albums - a self-titled studio one from 1978, in recent years reissued by Esoteric Recordings, and archive live one Al Dente on (now defunct) Reel Recoedings. A lot to explore, if anybody did not know them. Anyway, kinabalu, would you mind to post Austin / Babbington / Gallivan - Home from Home?

kinabalu said...

@miloo2: Yep, got that one. I'll see to it, though knowing myself, it might take a little while.

miloo2 said...

Better later than never, Kinabalu!

john said...

This is a lovely surprise, I didn't know the group had an existence outside the studio ('Cruel But Fair', a really great record). Thank you.

prospettive musicali said...

Both "Cruel but Fair" and "Mercy Dash" were reissued on cd by Gonzo Multimedia in 2013.

softnucleus said...

Thanks a lot Miloš, as you know these are heroes of mine!
Track 4 is Footprints by Wayne Shorter.

Thad said...

Track 1 sounds like "Echoes" from the Cruel But Fair album.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this great record !
I guess it's Theatre Campagne-Premiere, gone a long time ago ...
Best from Paris.


Nod Y said...

another concert by the same band in the same year at
See contribution section for more details.
Thad: first track doesn't sounds like "Echoes", it is "Echoes"!
Track 4 is of course "footprints " by Wayne Shorter.

Miloš Latislav said...

Thanks men, I updated playlist! And much thanks for Bremen broadcast, Nod Y! Very welcome addition to small output of this wonderful quartet!

Miloš Latislav said...

Nod Y, I want to do some treatment with H/D/T/G from Bremen and cannot find original post in contributions section. Do you have some additional info except place and year of recording?

David said...

Any chance of a reup please? Thanks!

Miloš Latislav said...

Updated links:

flac @ulozto.net

mp3 @ulozto.net

These are still the original uploads, but ulozto somehow changed codes in URL address. In similiar situation with some older uploads on www.ulozto.net, there is also search column, so anybody can try to find it by name - usually I am using full artist and/or album name for packed file.

David said...

Thank you Miloš!

francisco santos said...