21 July 2014


One more contribution from Alex in Solex.
The b/w picture is from the tape-only release.  The broken-down but still jaunty couple is a creation from Alex.
Alex - Thanks again!!

Vasilis Sitras,  tenor saxophone, clarinet, soprano recorder, percussions, acoustic bass strings, wood clarinets, harp, tambourine, sheet iron
George Kostoulis, electric bass, acoustic bass, percussions, wood clarinets, sheet iron, psaltery
Hristos Papageorgiou, electric guitar, violin, trombone, clarinet, wood flutes & clarinets, soprano recorder, sanza, percussion, tambourine, vina, sheet iron
Sakis Griboulis, drums, xylophone, bells,  percussion
N. Kostoulis, various percussion, tambourine, wood flute, band photo

Recorded in an warehouse  at HALKI (a village ca. 1500 inhabitants, near Larissa)  between 23 Dec 1981 & 2 Jan 1982.

Produced by Larissa Improvisers Guild
Improvisation series , 1982 Halki (tape rip)


onxidlib said...
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-Otto- said...

The cover looks like Posada (José Guadalupe that is) paid a visit to Greece there. Thanks, Alex from Solex and onxidlib.

Kostas from Piraeus said...

Thanks a lot.....

finn said...

This is a fascinating recording, has anyone a translation of the titles?

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...