6 June 2014


You'll find some background to Ric Colbeck  here.

Ric Colbeck, trumpet
Mike Osborne, alto saxophone
Jean-François Jenny-Clark, bass
Selwyn Lissack, drums

A1. Aphrodite  14:28
A2. Subdued  6:27    
B1. The Sun Is Coming Up  9:53    
B2. Lowlands  11:39

Recorded at Chalk Farm Studios London on 19-20 January 1970.

FONTANA 6383 001 (vinyl rip)


onxidlib said...


jazzuk said...

Thanks very much onxidlib. Pleased to have an upgrade for this.

Clifford Allen said...

Great LP. There have been rumblings for a while on its reissue, which hopefully will come about soon. It almost did get released on CD about ten years ago but that plan fell apart for some reason.

Tantris said...

I haven't listened to this for a while, and this rip is really good quality. The bass is astonishing, and allows each piece to become more and more free as it develops. You gotta ask yourself what this quartet might have produced 5 or 10 years from the date of this recording. I'd be interested to more about a reissue - who would do this?

rebf942 said...

I've had an mp3 for some time,and am grateful to get an improved rip of what seems to be a forgotten album by a forgotten musician.

-Otto- said...

Thank you for the clean rip, onxidlib! And thank you also for the galactic link and its wealth of information.

Jazzjet said...

Fabulous, onxidlib. I haven't seen this one for years.

grumpy said...

Unbelievable! I haven't seen this for over 40 years. Many thanks.

Bluenote said...

Wonderful! Thanks for all you do Onxi!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic upgrade. Many thanks.