26 June 2014


Jimmy Lyons, alto saxophone
Karen Borca, bassoon
Raphé Malik, trumpet
Hayes Burnett, bass
Andrew Cyrille, drums

1. radio speaker  00:23
2. unknown title  35:11
3. unknown title  20:18
4. radio speaker  02:12

Recorded at WKCR studio, New York, New York on March 5, 1975.


onxidlib said...
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aclev said...

Fantastic! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

thanks onxidlib!
especially nice to see the late, great raphe malik on this

All Hail Mr.Lyons!-zo said...

Jimmy Lyons was a Superman of the Sax!
I have an old cassette of this show, or one similiarly-labeled; but I think a different drummer was listed. Is it confirmed on the Sol-item that AC is the drummer?
Let me quickly try to express my admiration for JL and AC, they made the CTU the special sonic-boom of jazz!

onxidlib said...

I've checked Jan Ström's website > http://www.janstrom.se/4.-sessionography/4.2.-1974--1981-6228281

I would say his sessionography is the reference. And for this recording it shows that AC is the drummer.

Marcus said...

Marvelous! Many thanks!

Sami said...

Lovely! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

A master player, great group, fantastic all round. I have some other '75 recordings of JL - but not this one, until now. Many Thanks !!

Anonymous said...

missing Jimmy Lyons music


return of another great saxophonist


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...


francisco santos said...


jeff said...

Must have missed this!!! Wow.
Thanks Ernst, for the reup.
This is a Lyons that I do not have.
Really looking forward to giving this a spin.

Brush&Stick said...

Thank you!