13 June 2014


Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
Willem Breuker, clarinet
Wolfgang Dauner, piano, ring modulator, synthesizer
Karl Berger, vibes
Unknown (other musicians)

1. Moonlight Alley (unknown) 10:35
Unidentified Ensemble

2. Longsmars' Ballad (Dauner/Mangelsdorff) 7:31
Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
Wolgang Dauner, piano

3. Stratology (Dauner) 4:50
Wolfgang Dauner, piano, ring modulator, synthesizer
+ bass(?)

4. Way Beyond Cave (Berger/Mangelsdorff) 5:40
Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
Karl Berger, vibes

5. unknown title 6:49
Willem Breuker, clarinet

Recorded at the Südwestfunk Studios, Baden-Baden in December 1968.

Excerpts from the 1968 Baden-Baden New Jazz Meeting 1968.
I don't know the personnel on the first title but the alto saxophonist sounds like Peter Brötzmann, and the pianist may be Joachim Kühn. The guitarist is probably Sonny Sharrock. Don Cherry's Eternal Rhythm Orchestra participated in the 1968 Baden-Baden New Jazz Meeting, and the personnel included Cherry (cornet, fl); Maffay Falay (tpt); Albert Mangelsdorff (tb); Eje Thelin (tb); Pharoah Sanders (ts); Bernt Rosengren (ts, fl); Sonny Sharrock (g); Karl Berger (vb, perc); Joachim Kühn (p); Arild Andersen (b); Jacques Thollot (d). (from Peter Losin's website)

And that's what I got with the files:

1 Moonlight Alley
Manfred Schhoof, Mongezi Feza, John Tchicai, Evan Parker, Willem Breuker, Chris McGregor, Wolfgang Dauner, Eberhard Weber, Peter Kowald, Karl Berger, Pierre Favre, Louis Moholo

2 Longsmars' Ballad
Wolfgang Dauner, Albert Mangelsdorff

3 Stratology
Eberhard Weber, Wolfgang Dauner, Irene Schweizer, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Chris McGregor

4 Way Beyond Cave
Albert Mangelsdorff, Karl Berger

5 Solo clarinet piece
(not listed on the cassette, possibly Willem Breuker ?)


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