8 May 2014


Some hours ago there was a request for this album - I believe it is OOP.
This post contains the title "The Lie" which was for the first time released on the Japanese LP re-edition. The package included a one-sided single which wasn't part of the original Jihad LP.
The CD contains both - single + LP.
What to say else about the music - it is a classic and it should appeal to everyone who digs f.e. ESP.
Soundwise it is a bit murky and sadly the bassists are best heard in the quieter parts.
But the intensity of the music will make up for those shortcomings and Mr. Murray IS a master of the drums.

Sunny Murray, drums
Albert Ayler, tenor saxophone
Don Cherry, trumpet
Henry Grimes, bass
Lewis Worrell, bass
Amiri Baraka, spoken words

01. Virtue             11:03
02. Justice (pt.1 + 2) 12:51
03. Black Art          06:41
04. The Lie            05:55

TT 36:32

Recorded Brooklyn, NY, November 17, 1965.

Amiri Baraka was known as LeRoi Jones at this time and is so credited on the issues.
Sunny Murray spelled his name "Sonny" at this time.

DIW Records – DIW-355 (CD)


onxidlib said...
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Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to this, thanks very much for posting it!

headman said...

Wow...where did this come from? What a treat...thank you!

Steffen said...

Thank you.

Nick said...

That's a coincidence, I just ripped it last week. A treat for all.

lee said...

Wow, thanks! This may be the only Grimes recording from '65 that I don't own. Now if only someone could go back in time and rescue that long lost Allison/Grimes/LaRoca Sims session.

Patron said...

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-Otto- said...

I'll just ignore the Patron's comment and thank you, onxidlib. Nice, clean rip.

Anonymous said...

Although it was released a few years back on CD, if you're able to get hold of a copy you will have achieved a minor miracle. Many thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much. Awesome to hear Baraka doing a poem he knows is controversial without any retribution effects. He LAYS into that shit!

And the music boils the blood. Great share!

SlimStew said...

Thank you!

amnesia said...

Many thanks indeed

Anonymous said...

hey, i'm sorry but where is the download link? i can't seem to find it on the page, i would really appreciate it if someone re-upped it if it's down. i'm sorry if my english is poor

Andy said...

Click on the 1f in the first comment.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Andy, didn't even notice it. Finally I can listen to this album

DW said...

onxidlib, wonderful, thanks!

Rev. bIGhIG said...

Thanks, cats. The link is still up and running!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping the flame burning! Much appreciated
Be Restor'd

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