19 April 2014


Kenny Wheeler, trumpet, fluegelhorn
Trevor Watts, soprano saxophone
Derek Bailey, guitar
Dave Holland, bass, cello
John Stevens, drums

A. So, What Do You Think? (part 1) 24:39
B. So, What Do You Think? (part 2) 21:57

Recorded in London on January 27, 1971.


(vinyl rip)


onxidlib said...
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Anonymous said...

I once harboured a desire to own everything The Blessed Bailey was on... I know it's a hopeless task, but still... thanks for this!

Scraps said...

Funny: I still harbour a desire to own anything that Holland plays on; and that is also a hopeless task! But: One more!

Solomon said...

Thank you!

santos curser said...

I think if it has Dave Holland and Derek Bailey together way back in 1971... It will be great... thats what I think. downloading now.

Anonymous said...

Another of those LP's that hang out with me, just a few feet away but can no longer sing: dead turntable!! Many thanks for the opportunity to hear it again.


Anonymous said...

will be fascinating to compare this to karyobin, with the one horn change

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the rip and upload of this. It is appreciated

Wallofsound said...

One of my favourite SME releases. It's Wheeler for me.

matt w said...

Thank you! Great stuff; sounds a lot more outgoing than Karyobin.

Jazzjet said...

Incredible treat. Thanks, onxidlib.

brian said...


my lp scans... like always... very gooood!

i'll check the sound... and see if my lp is much much better i will post it on my blog!

onxidlib said...

Hey Brian - thank you - again - for your scans!!

Chris said...

Yes thanks onxidlib & brian for a wonderful treat.

Anonymous said...

here it is my own rip


Alex in Solex

PS any possibility to upload -if you have it-
SPONTANEOUS MUSIC ENSEMBLE The source, from & towards on tangent

Spontaneous Music Ensemble ‎– Birds Of A Feather on BYG
Thanks in advance

unitstructure said...

Thanks,great recording. Everybody sounds really good.I especially like Holland cello and bass plus Bailey's percussive guitar work.

Tantris said...

Great to find this here; inspired by the reissue of Karyobin, I'm listening to as much SME as I can find. This is remarkable - totally different to anything else, and I'm not sure why Emanem would not be interested in reissuing it (too much emphasis on the percussion, apparently - there is certainly a propulsive drive to it, but it does seem to me to be acutely sensitive to what others are playing).

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

I agree with you, Tantris. John Stevens was always a sensible drummer / musician.
But Martin Davidson is a man of principle. He won't do a reissue.
Maybe someone else will step in.
There's an unissued recording which I would like to see a proper release.
It's a quite interesting line-up which I would like to hear with a reasoanble sound.
Rashied Ali, John Stevens, Dave Holland, Peter Kowald, Trevor Watts and Evan Parker were recorded 1968 in London.

And here I add the same link again.