18 April 2014


And this is the 10th and last of the Radio Jazz Group recordings - at least for the moment.
Got it about two months ago from Dime - thanks to the original uploader!

Track 1-3 (March 31):

RJGS feat. Engstfeld/Herr Quartet + Didier Loockwood

Wolfgang Engstfeld, tenor saxophone
Didier Lockwood, violin
Wolfgang Dauner, piano
Michel Herr, piano
Palle Daniellson, bass
Leroy Lowe, drums

Track 4 (April 25):

RJGS feat. Toto Blanke's Electric Circus

Charlie Mariano, soprano saxophone
Johannes Faerber, trumpet
Wolfgang Dauner, piano
Toto Blanke, guitar
Norbert Daeumling, bass
Heinrich Hock, drums
Trilok Gurtu, percussion

1. Continuous Flow 07:20
2. Changes         07:43
3. Blues For Ede   07:22
4. Bolero Torcello 23:32

Recorded at Radio SWR Studio, Villa Berg, Stuttgart, Germany on March 31 (tr.1-3) and April 25 (tr.4), 1980.