15 April 2014


1. 8:48
2. 5:14
3. 11:03
4. 12:40

Rüdiger Carl, clarinet
Georg Wolf, bass
Detlef Kraft, drums

Recorded live at F.I.M. Festival, Gallus Theater, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 28 November 1998.


Nick said...
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wightdj said...

Cool, thanks.

Anonymous said...

All three of those guys will be very happy to sell you the copies they still have. So if you want to hear this music, please consider to find a way of contacting one of them instead of copying a ripped file set.

Nick said...

Did not see it is available, but looks like it is here

Anonymous said...

... and it contains some lovely music!

Hookfinger said...

To be honest, I'll probably buy a copy now that I know it is available and where (thanks Nick), but without it's posting here I would never even be aware of these artists, so I am grateful for the wonderful posts in this blog. It has opened my eyes in many new directions in the jazz world.

er said...

Repost please