27 March 2014


1. Scene
2. Song For Twilight
3. Chromatic Lady & Pentatonic Guy
4. Tears
5. Hoy Hoy
6. Song Of Nothing
7. In The Pot
8. Typhoon
9. Midnight Talking To Me

Masahiko Togashi, percussion

Recorded on 27-29 September 1987 at Studio A, Tokyo.

Cornelius Records - CCD 701

CD Rip


Nick said...



Steffen said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks (Again!), Nick!
This CD sounds to me like the most *Japanese* solo drums recording i've ever heard: delicate drum striking, with ample moments of silence--a study in drums where each note/strike/hit is perceptibly thought out and measured--all recorded in immaculate sound quality.
But now that i've read more on Togashi i understand his concept(s): his aim WAS to make significantly 'Japanese' sounding music, and being in a wheelchair informed his personal approach to the drums.

'Scene' = a percussive incarnation of origami, or possibly ikebana.

It is rare to describe a solo drums recording as *exquisite* but i think it is appropriate with this CD! (A solo drums CD perfect for late night contemplative, meditative thoughts is unusual.) --dandor

paul said...

Thanks Nick. Lovely stuff.

SOTISE said...

very beautiful!.. Big thanks.

Solomon said...

Thank you!

roberth said...

nick this one sounds incredible any chance of a re up?