23 February 2014

SUMMIT CONFERENCE - Knitting Factory, NY. 1998

SAM RIVERS, flute, tenor sax

1. 28:01
2. 11:41
3. 15:27
4. 04:58

Knitting Factory, New York.  June 1998.

BBC Radio 3 'Jazz on 3'


Andy said...


'nalzo said...

Isn't that "JOHN" Hicks?

Andy said...


Anonymous said...

uhwaaahhhuuhhhh... hicks in for hill? or was hill in for hicks? there's a leg out there from dime; fairly clamorous sound, with pheeroan backing hill with rufus reid and bennie maupin, worth checking. there's a bluenote reissue of hill's lifteveryvoice that features a related second session that outshines the released one, with maupin (and hill) giving career bests; makes me wish reggie had invited maupin in on this group! reginald has always upped the ante. when he left trane for blakey, i winced, but it gave us freeforall. Check his leading lines on Shepp's fourfortrane, on which, can i say, he is nureyev to moffett's jitterbug? anyway, the historical web of interconnections in this band is awesome, whether it's hicks or hill. workman and hicks crossed paths back with lee morgan, and priester with blakey, rivers with hill, etc... pheeroan seemed the odd man out when the album was released, but now i see he was connected not only to hill's legged quartet but to reggie's bass brother mcbee in yamashita's trio. love it!

matt w said...

Thanks! Great band.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Andy!
When i saw this was a BBC recording i knew it would sound excellent! (and yes, interesting to hear John Hicks in this *freer* more 'avant-garde' setting!) --dandor

wightdj said...

Appreciated, thanks.

agmosk said...

Thanks, Andy! Lookin' forward to this one.

SOTISE said...

thank you Andy,a short plug for the summit conference cd on postcards
'post1003' its fabulous , one of my favourites of the late 90's, everyone should own one!!

Danny said...

Indeed : a summit conference ! Thanks Andy for sharing this fantastic music captured by BBC 3.

softnucleus said...

Wonderful! Thank you Andy!

Wallofsound said...

Great to have a recording. Do you record every R3 concert?

Anonymous said...

thank you very much. also mr sotice is right - the summit conference Cd very very good

Anonymous said...

Thank you!
- inamorata