19 January 2014


Hideo's request for a re-up of "The New Figaro" of the Per-Henrik Wallin Trio on Dragon Records helped me to remember another recording of this excellent musician.
Here we have another drummer - Erik Dahlbäck - who played a lot with Wallin (see here) throughout the late seventies and eighties.
And Torbjörn Hultcrantz is no stranger to regular followers of this blog - he played on Albert Ayler's LP "The First Recordings". 
 Also with Don Cherry, Dexter Gordon, Bernt Rosengren a.o. and in 1956 with Lars Gullin f.e.

Maybe someone can help with the sequence of the titles etc.

Lars-Göran Ulander, alto & soprano saxophone
Per-Henrik Wallin, piano
Torbjörn Hultcrantz, bass
Erik Dahlbäck, drums

01. radio intro             00:43
02. unknown title           15:22
03. unknown title           07:07
04. unknown title           02:59
05. unknown title           05:31
06. continuation (of tr.05) 01:52
07. unknown title           11:45
08. unknown title           05:18
09. unknown title           02:04
10. radio outro             00:17

Recorded at Umeå Jazz Festival, Umeå, Sweden on October 27, 1978.

According the announcer the following titles were played:
1. Till Hill (Wallin); 2. Torbe's Blues (Hultcrantz); 3. The Opener (Wallin); 4. My One And Only Love (Wood/Mellin);
5. P? Swing (Wallin); 6. ?? (Dahlbäck); 7. Wuppertal (Wallin); 8. Journey To You (??); 9. ??(??)

Maybe tr.4 is 'My one and only love'?



onxidlib said...
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wightdj said...

Nice one, thanks.

hideo said...

Well, at least i did something right this week ;)

thanks, man.

SOTISE said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi there
Is there any chance that you have bobby wellins's "dreams are free" among your lp gems ??
thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the music, indeed. A little bit of pedantry, just going by the intro and by googling Erik Dahlbäck and Valparaiso: #5 is PH's Swing, #6 is Pukolle i Valparaiso (as a Norwegian speaker, I would not like to even begin to guess what a "pukolle" is), #7 may be an extract from Wuppertal, and #9 is Dry Summer or a further extract from Wuppertal, or a medley of both (it sounds to my uneducated ear as though it might be the latter). msj

onxidlib said...

Thank you msj for your corrections/help - really appreciated.
As far as I understood the speaker I've noted the titles.
To me it is not clear what tracks bear the respective titles.
I'm uneducated in Swedish as well :(

Anonymous said...

glad to be of help in a very minor way to a blog giving major pleasure. The announcement suggests either an extra track at the end, left off either the broadcast or the recording of it, or a medley, but in that case a brief one. Norwegians tend to be able to understand spoken and written Swedish, but "pukolle" is a specifically Swedish term, and sounds as though it may be a dialect or a slang word. msj

JC said...

Thanks for the introduction. I don't think I've heard him.

This is one of those "track-happy" presentations where improvised music doesn't readily fit track splitting if one tracks themes rather than only full stop breaks in the performance (the latter my practice). Piecing together the themes, radio intro, and comments here IMO the material is as follows:

Tracks 2/3:
Till Hill (Wallin) >
Torbe's Blues (Hultcrantz) - bass solo >
The Opener (Wallin)
Track 4:
My One And Only Love (Wood/Mellin) - piano solo intro >
Tracks 5/6:
PH's Swing (Wallin)
Tracks 7/8/9:
Pukolle i Valparaiso (Dahlbäck) - drum solo >
Wuppertal (Wallin) >
Journey To You (??) >
Dry Summer (??) >
Wuppertal variation (Wallin)

I'm inclined to think it is all there. A few of the track splits here are pretty much on theme but others are misplaced or excessive. The proliferation makes it confusing to track back to the announced themes but I think the above fits.

I can't dredge up a translation for Pukolle either but find that song (which is IMO the drum solo) was originally played and released by a prog-jazz band called Fläsket brinners (translates: Pork Fat Burning) of which the drummer here was a member (in 1972).

HTH. Thanks again.

onxidlib said...

Thank you JC for very welcome help and additional information!
I got the music with the tracking already done.
Normally I avoid setting tracks if I'm not sure about the beginning and/or ending of the themes.
Thanks again.

JC said...

You're welcome Onxi. I'd assumed the presentation came as it was and no offense was intended anywhere along the line. That is, as one might gather, a topic I tend to think a little more strongly about than others. It is easy enough to rejoin them if nothing has been added or altered down the line (as an unintended byproduct).

onxidlib said...

No offense whatsoever felt on my side.
I prefer the recordings (say bootlegs) as unadulterated as possible. I enjoy complete information as far as possible.
---- I enjoy the music.

Johan Sjöberg said...

A "puka" is a kind of kettle drum. That's the "puk" in "Pukolle". The second part, "olle" is simply a Swedish name. "Puk-Olle i Valparíso" would be more correct than "Pukolle".

kinabalu said...

I've been thinking about the meaning of "pukolle" myself, and after having read the above comments come to the hypothesis that it might be a nickname for the drummer Erik Dahlbäck. Another piece of circumstantial evidence is that someone named Erik has the username pukolle on Instagram. Not conclusive, but maybe getting closer ...

kinabalu said...

I can't resist adding some further notes on the pukolle mystery. Puka is indeed a kettle drum. In Norway it's known as "pauke" which etymologically hails from German. Interestingly, "pauken" as a verb in German means intense preparations for an exam or "prüfung" (German) or "prøve" (Norwegian). In Norway, the appropriate word is "pugge".

sikes said...

Hi, could you possibly re-up this (again, sorry) i missed out both times being a newbie! I would greatly appreciate as it seems to generate a lot of responses, thanks again

onxidlib said...

Hi Sikes - I'll do a re-up - maybe not before Thursday.

onxidlib said...
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sikes said...

Thanks so much onxidlib, sorry its taken me until now to check, but i've got them now thanks a lot.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...