12 January 2014


A1. Aandeel 1+2
A2. Rabbit
A3. Für Leo Und Wim (Und Rudy)
A4. Ham And Egg Stango

B1. Once There Was
B2. Churchy
B3. Bouquet Mélancholique

Leo Cuypers, piano
Willem Breuker, alto & soprano saxophone, bass clarinet

Recorded 28 September 1974 at Shaffy Theatre in Amsterdam.

BV Haast Records ‎– BVHAAST 005

Vinyl Rip


-Otto- said...

Fantastic, Nick. Thank you very much!

-Otto- said...

I just noticed: The oversized triangular LP wrapper/cover seems to have no folds. How did you store it?

SOTISE said...

This is Fantastic!.. thanks.

Phonemes said...

Thank you, I am very fond of Leo Cuypers!
And as to the cover: http://www.discogs.com/viewimages?release=1825132

-Otto- said...

That explains it. Thanks for the link, Phonemes! My cover looks more like the ones underneath the doctored(?) image of the entire, uncreased LP envelope on discogs.

Nick said...

I did some manual visual declicking in photoshop. Since they went to the trouble of producing an unusual and artistic design, I thought it would be good to see the original intent without the distracting damage. Unless they framed the sleeve, I'm sure pretty much everyone that has a copy has the ugly folds.

I try to declick vinyl to share too, because unless it's Martin Tetreault or Christian Marclay or Kid Koala etc, I think the intent was for us to hear the music, not the artifacts of the medium. Listening at home to my own LPs, I'm happy with the wabi-sabi (except when I remember scratching some treasure that is now worth gazillions on ebay).

Wallofsound said...

Thanks, Nick.

sandor essedy said...

thanks for this; I had only a very low version, so it's a new sound.

Michael Campbell said...

Any chance for a re-up of this?

Vojac said...

Is the re-up possible? Please, please, please!!!

Nick said...



Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Thank you, Nick.