5 December 2013


A.  Via Della Luce

B1. Fox
B2. Cross Over One
B3. Slugging Rocks

C1. Psalm
C2. What Is Freedom?

D1. Dewline
D2. Cross Over Two
D3. Cross Over Three
D4. Sea Line

Frederic Rzewski, piano, electric piano
Karl Berger, piano, electric piano, melodion, vibes
Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone
Richard Teitelbaum, synthesizer, shells
Alvin Curran, synthesizer, piano, vocals, flugelhorn
Garrett List, trombone

Recorded at Mama Dog Studio, Rome, 15-16 November 1977.

Horo Records ‎– HDP 15-16

Vinyl Rip


chris_c said...

nice one! have been looking for this for some time. can't afford the box set so am very slowly finding the albums to dl. ps: a link for the box set would be appreciated!

Nick said...

Did I miss a box set?

Anonymous said...

Nick, thank you so much! good luck!

headman said...

Anything released on Horo is worth a listen so thanks for sharing this one, Nick.

john said...

I'm aware of this group but never heard them, thanks for the opportunity.

Tantris said...

Thanks - this is a new MEV for me.

wightdj said...

Thanks for this. The box set is MEV 40:

Lucky said...

thanks a lot, nick - great to have this!!

new world records released a 4-cd box in 2008, it consists of unplublished recordings from 1967 to 2007 - could be the one chris_c is referring to. the box is in print, of course.


Jazz from Italy said...

I tried to make again available a part of the HORO discography but I missed this record.
Thanks mate!


chrisc said...

thank you very much Nick !

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot.

btw: MEV will perform a specially for the 50 years of the daad artists-in-berlin program composed piece in Akademie der Künste, Berlin this coming saturday: http://www.berliner-kuenstlerprogramm.de/de/festival.php


apf said...

Thank you!

santos curser said...

Instead of Nona Hendryx saying she is busting out, if someone posts the box set, then I can say "I'm boxing out!!!"

matt w said...

Thank you so much! I've been looking for this for a while. For years there have been rumors that Horo will begin reissuing their catalogue but no actual releases.

Thanks again!

Wallofsound said...

Repeated thanks.

Anonymous said...

GF link still up a year later - splendid! Many thanks Nick - appreciated all this time later, a great listen

Anonymous said...

Same with the 1f link! I'm looking forward to hearing Lacy in this context. Many thanks.


DW said...

Nick, again, thanks!!

Nod Y said...

The 1F link is still working, incredible. I just knew this band by it's name but never listened to them. The mixing of sounds and artistic personality is very interesting. Great is also the high quality of the transfer. Horo never made high quality pressing and sound so the perfect transfer is a sort of performance.

francisco santos said...


john_a said...

This looks great! Thanks
I do see an issue in the archive, having downloaded it twice now.

Track A (Via Della Luce) appears missing?
And B3;C1;D1 are showing as corrupt in DBpoweramp on my end.
I can't be sure if this is just an issue for me, so wanted to ask.

Nick said...

Hi - weird but track A has gone missing from my recording, the other tracks are OK. I'll re-do it sometime, not sure how soon - maybe someone has a copy?

rev.b said...

Thanks Nick. I just got around to this tonight and besides missing track A1, tracks B3, C1 & D1 seem to be corrupted. Looks like John-a's having the same issue. I'll try the first part again. I'm very impressed by what I've heard so far. Thanks.

rev.b said...

Sorry to have to report tracks B3 C1, and D1 are in fact corrupt. I tried two more times. Please re-up. Thanks!

Nick said...