22 November 2013


This post is for Andy.  He was asking for "Praxis" which will follow as soon as I'm able to replace my corrupted cd-r copy of  the LP.
The music here was never released but it is certainly worth your attention.

The one and only:

Cecil Taylor, piano

1. radio intro         00:06
2. Carmen With Rings   57:55
3. radio outro         00:17

Recorded at 'de Doelen', Rotterdam, Netherlands on July 1, 1967.



onxidlib said...
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wightdj said...

Cool, thanks.

Lee said...

Any solo Taylor is wonderful. Thanks for posting. I may have an mp3 copy of Praxis (from this blog) that I'd be happy to share. Not lossless though.

Tazo the 88 IQ Fan said...

I've seen rumours about CT playing with Han Bennink,A/O,around this time, but nothing has ever surfaced,right?

onxidlib said...

Thank you Lee for your offer but a lossless version is already on its way to us.
@ Tazo - as far as I know Bennink played with CT for the first time in Berlin in 1988.
But who knows what will surface sometime...

Marcus said...

Thank you! That's great!

Anonymous said...

here a link for great 2 LP album of cecil taylor - Praxis

i think it 'll be useful to somebody.
thanks for your great posts
Alex in Solex

1. Any possibility to reupload
Friedrich Gulda- nachtricht vom lande in Lossless, especially 2nd Lp of set ???

2. I make some rips of TRANSMUSEQ cataloque,
LaDonna Smith - Eye Of The Storm ,

Andrea Centazzo, LaDonna Smith, Davey Williams - Velocities
LaDonna Smith, Davey Williams - Transmutating

and as sooner as possible

LaDonna Smith, Davey Williams, Theodore Bowen - Folk Music.
If there is interest i would like to send links for these.

Tabezo the Dumbunny said...

Google Cecil Taylor Han Bennink Amsterdam, and you will be led quickly to a photo by P.Boersma of the 2 of them back in 67.
Who's got the tape???

Tantris said...

Wonderful - thanks!

Andy said...

Thanks onx - it is a good one. I thought I'd contribute some Cecil (above) after checking it hadn't already been posted. It's not really my cup of tea but I'm sure someone will appreciate it.
Thanks too to Anon for the Praxis. Is this the one you mentioned onx?
I gather the original recording wasn't that great sound quality. The music sounds fresh though - before he got into playing the same old lines.

SOTISE said...

Is Anons Rip of Praxis Lossless?..i can always Repost, glmlr's share from 2008...

thanks onx, for such an early solo cecil show!

@Anon , I love the Trans Museq, stuff, i'm certain others do to!!!

Nick said...

Transmuseq would be fine, thanks, Alex. I can rip the Gulda LP.

glmlr said...

Note: Alex's rip of "Praxis" is in fact my original from years ago. I checked it. The LP-side timings are identical, and the Tau Analyzer confirms it is lossless flac.

onxidlib said...

@ Tabezo - in the liner-notes to the Taylor/Bennink CD on FMP, Han Bennink writes that he and Willem Breuker were supposed to play with Cecil Taylor in 1967.
Taylor entered the studio and played the whole day solo. Bennink was just listening.
Off course it's possible they played later that day or so.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

there are these albums up on my dropbox, any interest for links?
1. Various - An Afflicted Man's Musica Box 16 44
ensemble ex improviso - musique en tete 16 44
Kinothek Percussion Ensemble - adventure 16 44
Kinothek Percussion Ensemble - Suspense 16 44
Limpe Fuchs Anima ‎– Via 16 44
lounge lizards - live from the drunken boat 16 44
Muslimgauze - Buddhists on fire 16 44
Various - four french form 16 44

Trevor Watts Amalgam - closer to you 16 44
Trevor Watts String Ensemble ‎– Cynosure
the last two had bought back in 1976 or 77(forgive me for inaccuracy)after the one & only live of T W+Amalgam in Athens(not Georgia) at a cinema for ca.80-100 persons audience . Where is really the poor poster of concert gone?
that's the story of it & history for Trevor watts & Amalgam.

I try to make a rip as good as the source is, forgive my gaps.

Music styles from above are varied but complete the puzzle makes the whole music. Anyway , another of my points of view
Alex in Solex ,again

Nick said...

Hi Alex - I realized today that the Trans Museq catalogue is still available direct from the artists - here :-

Trans Museq

So here is your post again without those links

Anonymous said...
i don't waste my time to upload lossy formats,i have 2Lp of c t nearly 30 years , but for ease i upload maybe glmlr's rip.Lossless & only lossless(very rare Lps in 320 or 256 accepted for me).Below this barrier downloads are strictly for information 'bout a LP, not for pleasure..That's for my view about...

Lossless Tamia & Pierre Favre 'Blues For Pedro Arcanjo
there is also in 24 96 for sound enthusiasts,if you want it.

sorry for capitall letters but is for highlit the above point.
I expect gulda's 2nd LP of set THANK YOU SOTISE for all great music...Any chance for Gegenwart or other Lp of Gulda??
Thanks Again

Also, thanks for the other offers, but please could you post music unrelated to the thread in the Contributions section?

Cheers, Nick

onxidlib said...

Thank you very much Alex (= Anonymous?!) - I agree with Nick.
Better to post your offers in the Contributions section.
I shall make a proper post of Tamia/Favre'e first LP.

Anonymous said...

The photo you're used for this post is intriguing, quietly beautiful..
Enjoyed the music too ;)

sikes said...

Hi onxidlib, could you please re-up this, it would be greatly appreciated, thanks

onxidlib said...
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sikes said...

thank you onxidlib

Bill said...

Thanks for the re-up onxidlib!

Sam Frederick said...

any chance you could re-up again?

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Luc Mosley said...

Thank you